They have been an integral part of interior design for many years and are constantly changing their appearance: glass tables. The ecological glass material can be easily combined with different lifestyles and, therefore, is very popular.

The glass is a timeless material, so glass tables are among the classics of home. You will find them as small side tables in the bedroom, as garden tables on the porch and in the living room, they always fit glass tables.

Advantages of glass tables

The glass is an ecological material and, unlike plastic, it can also be recycled easily. Glass tables are usually not dominant. Because they are often very neutral, they can be combined in many different lifestyles.

Without a tablecloth, the glass can be noisy when the cutlery is placed. A tablecloth can belittle the aesthetic, but it is also practical for another reason: Especially because the office table glass is a bit annoying, if you leave your hands and arms, it always stains.

In fact, on the glass tables, you can see all the fingerprints and dust particles. However, they do not attract as much dust as acrylic, for example. But if you like to shine, you often have to grab the cloth. But cleaning is also very fast, once a cloth is passed and the table is clean. The remaining stains like on wooden tables should be feared during normal cleaning.

The glass tables are generally transparent, although a glass table does not fill a room as much as a wooden table, however, it can illuminate the dining room as never before with a glass table. In addition, because it is transparent you can perceive everything through it. One advantage of a glass table is that if you want to deliberately present a particularly beautiful carpet that is under the table.

Large selection of glass tables

A board game is a set of furniture consisting of a table and several matching chairs or benches. The individual elements combine with each other in terms of design, size, and height, so there is no need to search and compile your own combination. In addition, the number of seats is adjusted to the size of the table. If you opt for a multi-part dining group, the result is a harmonious and harmonious overall image in your dining room.

The dining table and glass or office chairs are still favorites despite the fact that they are rarely used, but in the living room, they are very popular. Glass develops a particularly strong effect in combination with other materials. This is also reflected in the current designs, as a table made of two materials can be very exciting, like a very rough wooden table with glass elements.

The trend is currently also tables made of tinted glass. The material is no longer just transparent but appears in bright, dark colors such as bright red, deep dark green and frosted. This fits in very well with the current color trends, which are developing in a darker direction. The glass is sometimes translucent, but sometimes the material seems painted.

We provide an overview of current trends in glass tables and advice on the right place in the home or apartment, the best market prices, and most bewitching models. The shapes are varied, we also offer angular glass tables and all shapes.

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