Glass tables have the extra dose of lightness that makes all homes feel good. In our online store, you will find dining tables, coffee tables and side tables with a glass top. With a great selection, the right model is available for every need.

Whether in the dining room, in the kitchen or in the living room, the glass tables are at home everywhere. Glass is simply a fairly simple material that is easy to clean and does not scratch so quickly. In any case, you will not go wrong with a glass dining table with 8 chairs. However, you must pay attention to some things. Here you can find out what is important when buying.

Glass dining tables

Glass dining tables or glass kitchen tables are very fashionable, especially if the rest of the furniture is modern in design. In our shop, you will find these glass tables with a round table, rectangular or square and in different sizes.

There is something for both small and large spaces. If you want it to be variable, we also have an extendable glass table. There you can meet for small and large rounds to eat and drink or just have a conversation.

Glass coffee table

On a glass coffee table, use is predetermined, in front of the sofa. There it serves as an exclusive storage area for remote control, TV newspaper, and cold drinks. When buying, you should pay attention to the appearance and size of the glass table. The height should be based on the height of your sofa. The trendy coffee tables are not taller than the sofa seat. The length and width you should choose so that everyone sitting around the glass table can reach it comfortably.

Glass side table

The glass side tables are versatile and can be used, for example, as shelves in the reading corner, as a table to serve in the kitchen or even as a night table in the bedroom. There are no special restrictions in terms of size and shape. You have the choice between different types of materials for the legs.

Of course, dining glass tables are not entirely made of glass, for example, the base is made of solid wood, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum or other metal. In the end, you must decide for yourself if you want something more rustic with wood or with modern materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.

As far as the substructure is concerned, a glass table is supported, for example, by four legs, a pillar, runners or a frame. The type of foot you choose is mainly the question of personal taste. On a dining table with a pillar to hold the glass the most advantageous is that each person has the same space for the legs.

It is better than to make sure that the chairs are comfortable, easy to handle and solid. Or, it is possible to have fun taking unfit chairs if the decoration of the house lends itself to this little game.

If you are looking for the best glass table at a reasonable price, on our web portal we offer an elegant model for a modern living room. Our glass dining tables are made of high quality materials to be durable.

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