When setting up your dining room, the question often arises as to which chairs are best suited to each table. Of course, the chairs must match mainly the material and lifestyle of the table. However, be sure to keep in mind that the glass table chairs can be of many models since the transparent glass combines everything, but the right choice for your dining table in terms of its dimensions and shapes is up to you.

The chair dimensions suitable for your table

Before choosing the right chairs for your dining table, you must first measure, so that your choice at the end will also fit the table. Most important first: before buying your new dining chairs, always check the height of your table, including the bottom edge of the table.

Probably nothing more annoying than the chairs that constantly hit the edge of the table with their armrests because you can not press them under the table. But even if you opt for a chair without armrests, the glass table and the chair must fit well in terms of height, so that a comfortable sitting is guaranteed.

Distance between chairs

When it comes to legroom and a healthy posture on the table, the height between the seat and the floor is particularly important. The seat of your dining chair should be at least 40 cm high, better for taller people is 44-46 cm tall.

Popular chair models generally correspond exactly to these dimensions, so that (oriented to an average person size), the legs are at right angles to the floor and, therefore, a comfortable seating position is favored.

Dining chairs with armrests are especially attractive when they are integrated into the seat frame. The elegant furniture seems to be in one piece, evoking a vague memory of the grandmother’s old chairs, albeit in a considerably modern way. In the form of an elegant cantilever, they look like particularly aesthetic chairs, especially in elegant black.

Also with regard to the type of chair, there are some parameters to consider when buying a new dining chair. For example, a dining table designed with a frame in the base should not be used for cantilevered chairs, at least not if you also want to accommodate seats on the side of the headboard. Since the front runner of the cantilevered chairs would reach the table frame when approaching, in this case, it would no longer be possible to place the chairs near the table.

Even with armchairs, you should definitely adjust the height of the armrest to the height of the bottom of the table or the glass, so you can easily push the chair under the table without grating the glass. In addition to the favorite style, the perfect shape of the chair is essential, so that the table companions can sit together for long periods of time, and the joy of the new chairs lasts a long time.

From glass kitchen table chairs to classic dining chairs and rocking chairs and armchairs: we have it all! In our web portal, you will also learn about the advantages of using individual chair shapes and the advantages of folding chairs. Many models are also available as part of a series with the matching dining table.

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