Since memorial times, one of the spaces of the house that brings together, brings together and brings together the members of a family is the dining room, specifically the dining table, conducive to meeting, for closeness and contact with loved ones as well visitors

When it comes time to select the design for the dining table, or also the office, the glass represents a great alternative that denotes distinction, even more if combined with other details, such as metal, marble, among others. If this table is also accompanied with orange chairs, it would be a very elegant composition; it is worth noting that the orange color offers an exotic climate that invites enthusiasm and sharing. Also, it has the advantage that by the firmness of the glass, it can be moved to other spaces of the house, of the office.

What are the criteria to handle when selecting a glass dining table?

The glass tables are attractive pieces to cover with gentility and delicacy any dining room. They are ideal to preserve a mode of decoration simple and at the same time attractive. The beauty of this type of material, of glass, is that due to its transparencies and clarity, natural and artificial light radiates to the entire room. They do not merit these tables, of arduous maintenance work and they are very resistant because the crystals are fortified, tThe scratches that are made, for example with pencils are easy to disappear.

 There is a range of shapes and sizes in the market: rectangular, square or round. All adapted to different family budgets and other organizations. As well as this type of table is not at risk that if it has contact with water and other substances can be damaged.

 However, it is necessary to take into account certain criteria and particularities of this type of material. The glass tables have a very special quality so they are not comfortable to harmonize. On the other hand, they are not recommended in homes where there are children or that they are used as kitchen tables because, although they are resistant, they are also more susceptible and susceptible to being beaten. In addition, their costs are very high and that is a limitation for many when it comes to selecting a dining table.

Among the options offered by glass, is that there are extensible designs useful for small spaces, for a little sober decoration, in addition, it makes the rooms look less recharged.

Why opt for a glass dining table and also combine it with orange chairs?

Among many reasons is that the glass of the table that reflects elegance in combination and play with the orange color of the chairs, at the same time allows and invites the people who sit around, to be encouraged, for that according to the psychology of colors, the orange encourages good spirits. Data this, to consider when looking for decoration of that space of the house as it is the dining room. Another suggestion is to accompany the decoration with a good lamp where the focus does not radiate on the surface and is disturbing.

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