The dining table never goes unnoticed. We bring you some tips to avoid mistakes and make the right decision. Discover how to choose your Nebraska Furniture Mart dining glass table. Three models of dining tables predominate:

The classic table

This is a standard dining table model, it can be square, rectangular, round or oval, with four legs or a single main mast that holds the glass lid.

The modular table

It is ideal if you like to entertain many people at dinner or a few members of the family, the modular dining table is extensible and, therefore, adapts to many situations.

The coffee table that can be lifted

This dining table is especially suitable for small spaces, as it passes in a wink from a coffee table to a high table for the dining room.

The criteria of choice

Generally placed in the heart of the room, the coffee table or the dining table is a key element in the living room. The shape, structure, material, and size are essential to realizing the atmosphere of your choice.

Giving a feeling of grandeur and lightness to the living room, the glass coffee table is certainly very fragile (depending on the type of glass, avoid this if you have small children), but it is easily harmonized with any type of decoration thanks to its transparency.

Suitable for both contemporary and classic interiors (depending on its design and if combined with other materials), this model can become the centerpiece of the show. The glass coffee table is preferred in the small living rooms so as not to overload the decoration while providing a certain style.

As for its maintenance, more sensitive than the wooden coffee table, the glass coffee table is cleaned with a cloth and a glass cleaner. Several criteria must be considered before buying a dining table:

The Shape

A rectangular table gives a more formal look to the room, while a square table can be easily used for other purposes (drawing table, desk, etc.); the round table, on the other hand, is easy to use and allows each person present to see the other guests.

The shape of the coffee table depends on its decoration and, especially, on the other furniture that surrounds it.

The size

The dining table should be adapted to the dimensions of the room, but also to the number of people who usually sit around the table, you must add the space occupied by the table, plus the space to take the chair out of the table to sit.

The manufacturing material

By adopting a glass table, you give your room an airy and fresh look. If you want to invest in the long term, prefer a dining table with a more timeless wooden base. The base of the table in metal or wrought iron, meanwhile, requires a decoration with the same spirit: it is more difficult to combine, but it has the advantage of being more original.

As resistant as the wooden models, the glass coffee tables immediately give an impression of lightness. The choice of glass colors is almost endless, with a surcharge for some options, of course.

Our color palette is very broad even though it is glass, and it is important for us to find the tone that will be beautifully combined in your home. Our selection of interior design tables for gourmet meals is endless, where everyone will want to sit at the table, even after eating.

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