In Italian culture, the timing of meals is practically something sacred in homes. This is because, Italians are characterized by the value that the family has for them, so they always try to stay together. In fact, Americans are recognized for their copious Sunday meals. And everything that has delicious dishes as its protagonist is directly and obligatorily connected to Italian glass dining table furniture.

And in addition to that, Italy has a long history and culture related to the production of glass, because, in fact, they have a type of glass called Murano glass, thus receiving the name of the town where this technique began. However, this is used more for decorative objects or garments. In this regard, below are some features of the highest quality Italian glass dining table furniture.

Characteristics of glass dining rooms

The glass is a material that is surrounded by a lot of beliefs, especially with respect to all the risks that it entails, because it can certainly break more easily than metal or wood and at that moment it becomes a danger for those who are close. In spite of this, the manufacturers have developed a series of techniques that make the glass acquire properties of hardness and resistance that are truly impressive. Among them are the following:

  • Tempering. This is the most used to create an Italian glass dining table furniture because the glass is subjected to a process that gives it a resistance of more than 7 times that of the cured glass. In this way, it is very safe because it can withstand blows and certain amounts of weight very well without fracturing. In tables for dining rooms or centerpieces, those with an estimated thickness between 8 and 22 mm are used.
  • Laminate. It consists of the union of two thin glass sheets that carry between them a sheet made with an adherent plastic, transparent, which is resistant and at the same time very elastic. Thus, in case of breaks, the glasses remain stuck to the polyvinyl without spreading causing greater damage.
  • Cured. This is the least recommended for dining tables unless it is used as a cover for another to protect it from damage because when it breaks it creates large splinters that become dangerous.

On the other hand, glass is a material that is made with mineral bases that melt when crystallized, which gives that translucent aspect that at the same time allows you to play with it and give it different finishes, such as textures or tonal effects, such as Pigmentation with different colors, or mate. For this reason, the options for tables are quite broad, however, there will always be one that fits what people are looking for and is perfect with the decoration of your home.

In most cases, the pieces with neutral tones are preferred, since they give more freedom to play with the decorations, which may vary over time, but the dining room can remain the same. Being in this way, a material quite versatile and able to adapt to both modern and classic decorations.

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