The dining table constitutes the sociable center of family life. Here, everyone meets regularly to eat, exchange news or plans for the weekend. A dining table should not be missing in any home!

The best moments of the day are spent at Warrington’s glass dining table and chairs. Therefore, you and your loved ones should also sit comfortably: the size and shape of the table should be appropriate and the base of the glass table should be “remarkable”.

Forms of the table for many guests or small breaks

Square, rectangular, oval, round: dining tables are available in many forms. Each form has its advantages. Therefore, the square shape of the glass kitchen table is usually designed for two or four people and is particularly suitable for small, familiar rounds.

The rectangular glass tables are available from small to large and from narrow to wide, therefore for the limited space of the wall in the kitchen, as well as for the large dining room. After all, the “round glass table” rightly bears its name: round and oval glass tables have a positive effect on communication, perhaps because the visual contact here is totally evident.

Table sizes for each room

Before falling in love with a glass dining table, you should ask yourself some basic questions: How much space does your dining area offer, how many people sit regularly at the kitchen table and how much space is left on the wall when people sit in the dining room? the dining table?

Most important immediately: for simple and trouble-free decoration, always choose the base of your glass dining table along with the chairs, since the table and chairs must also be combined, the glass combines with everything so to focus in the material of the base helps a lot. Whether striking or discreet, we show you what types of glass table bases there are.

Central pillar base

Maximum space for the legs to the left and to the right: whoever wants to kick the foot of the table, really must make an effort.

The base of the table of two legs

This is a very popular artistic design, two legs in any material (wood, metal, plastic, and stone) only two forms of sustenance in multiple designs.

Four-legged table base

Thanks to the slightly flared legs, this “classic frame” with four legs are extremely durable and offer a lot of space under the dining table, but not in the corners.

X-shaped table legs

The extravagant appeal, the base of the glass dining table with x-shaped legs accentuates the design and is available in multiple materials and combinations of them.

The ups and downs in buying the dining table

Seeing is one thing, sitting in another, grab the chair of your choice in our stores and take a seat on the glass kitchen table you want, the height of the seat must be correct (taking into account the position of the legs at least), and measuring the distance of the legs of the table below.

The easiest way to test harmony during the test session, a glass dining table is available on our web portal in all styles and for all tastes!

Wow look at this!

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