In a beautiful reception room, a rectangular table is ideal for meeting with family and guests. You can have chairs or combine chairs and benches for a more Scandinavian environment. For a clear style and very design, the combination of white chairs is in tune with the times.

In the design of your dining room, you can have glass tables of different colors or combine them with your chairs. With different shapes, each piece of modern dining tables in black will look like a work of art.

Made of wood or metal, round or rectangular, extendable or not … There is a large number of dining tables with glass surfaces. Can you choose the perfect model? Depending on the lifestyle, habits and taking into account the real available space; choosing the right glass dining table will be simple.

Design Preference

The sector of the glass table is today very imaginative and full of originality in shapes, colors, and tips to personalize. It can also have some features, from the simple extension and the raised table that serves as a coffee table and dining table.

An essential element of the interior furniture, the glass table with wooden base dresses a room, amplifying its volume. However, beyond the aesthetic aspect of the design table, it allows a touch of elegance to the home. Intelligent and practical, the glass table provides functionality and aesthetics at the heart of the living room.

Base preferences

Wood, a timeless material, is also a guarantee of solidity and good durability. It adapts to many styles of decoration, from the Nordic universe to most designs. The combination of metal and wood in the extendable tables is ideal for spaces of contemporary style.

Everyone is looking for a glass table that is resistant and easy to maintain, you can choose one for a wood table (fusion between ultramodern design and functionality), this material exists in a great multitude of colors and can also present art effects.

Chairs for a glass table

The overall appearance with the glass table should be complemented with chairs in play. First, you must rely on the combination of materials, the glass with another material, such as metal, stainless steel or wood. Comfort is also an aspect that should not be neglected.

Combine the colors, as your glass table allows, with its transparency and the contribution of the light that it will provide, the colored chairs would stand out very well. Without breaking the harmony of the room, you can combine different chairs, mixing styles, colors and materials, bet on originality.

Cooler materials such as metal and plastic, as well as bright colors,  will be favored by more contemporary interiors. For a desire for vintage decoration, a chair that can perfectly serve as an occasional piece of furniture is a good choice.

The combination of wood and steel or glass is a game with shapes and colors. It does not matter if it’s wood, glass or steel, the important thing is that you really like it. And to be able to maintain the combination of table and chairs for a long time, often choosing timeless shades such as black and white, the light oak/medium is the best decision.

Since our beginnings we have been able to defend an innovative vision of glass furniture; We offer modern glass tables and matching chairs. At the forefront of decoration, we combine style, ergonomics and offer modular collections that adapt to your living room, dining room, office, and bedroom; our designs always accompany your decoration project.

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