The kitchen and dining room are one of the places in the apartment or house where we spend most of the day (next to the bedroom). The hours are even better when we find a cozy place here: in addition to the style of furniture and lighting, the comfort of the seats of the dining chairs naturally plays an important role.

How many chairs you need and what requirement you must meet depends mainly on your living conditions. Singles usually only need a small selection of seats, couples without children buy everything in pairs and families with children need lots of space and easy-care materials.

From the rocking chair, through the wooden chairs and leather upholstery, to the practical work table, your personal ideas are endless. Of course, the 6-seater round glass dining table and chairs should please all families.

The number of chairs that are placed on the table daily should be based on the size of the dining table. If the glass table is in the center of the room, more chairs fit than if it were in a corner or against the wall. And if you want a table for the dining room and 6-seater round glass chairs, you should remember to have enough space for the chairs. After all, modern chairs are not limited to the dining room, but also in the lobby, in the home office.

Whether you choose a wooden chair, a plastic chair or an armchair will also depend on your interior design style. The solid wood chairs are ideal for a kitchen or a country-style dining room, the wood radiates a cozy and home-like atmosphere. Also, the upholstered chairs with woven cloth are a good figure for this lifestyle. On the other hand, if its interior is rather modern and simple, the timeless chairs with imitation leather upholstery in plain colors are suitable.

The perfect complement to your dining table

The glass allows you to adapt to your personal needs and requirements, which allows you to arm your new chairs in the way you like. And, of course, not only can you determine the type of material but also the model, such as upholstered chairs, you also have the option of selecting the upholstery fabric and the color, regardless of whether you opt for upholstery of woven fabric, artificial leather or authentic skin

Three good reasons to buy chairs

We focus completely on your desires when furnishing the dining room or kitchen. Therefore, you will not only find dining tables, chairs, and high quality kitchen benches, but you can also customize most of the furniture according to your own requirements.

If you want to buy a wooden table or chair, but you are not sure what type of glass you prefer, we will inform you of samples selections. So you can quietly choose your favorite. As timeless beautiful classics, glass chairs have long enjoyed uninterrupted popularity. Like no other material, glass provides a transparent environment that combines everything and, therefore, decisively shapes the room’s environment.

With us, you will find a large selection of different chairs with and without upholstery. To enable individual furniture in your dining area, there are available high quality types of wood such as oak or central beech. For many chairs, you can choose whether the legs are made of wood or metal; stainless steel frames are available with different versions of seat and backrest.

Wow look at this!

This is an optional, highly
customizable off canvas area.

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