The glass dining table is the ideal complement to your kitchen. The timeless design of the glass table easily adapts to any interior. The side table adapts to any style, whether urban or rural. Wood and glass are the two main players at the dining tables. The glass table for the living room impresses with its simple elegance and innovative appearance.

The base of our tables is stable and some are made of high quality brushed or hand-polished stainless steel and have a surface of 70 to 100 square cm at the base so that there is enough space for the chairs and the glass table is perfect and stable. According to the existing floor, adequate protection is included for the bottom plate of the table.

The perfect dining table: how it works!

Step 1: Create the base. What requirements should the dining room table meet? For families with small children, we recommend, for example, tempered glass with easy-care softened corners that can be easily cleaned. Also, sharp corners and edges in a home where children live quite unsuitable.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate form. Round, oval or angular? Which form does you like the most? Which type is better for your room?

Step 3: The selection of the base material. The tables with a glass top are very popular, but the country style can also look elegant and warm. We also look for modern and rustic dining tables made with a base of solid wood, like wild oak.

Depending on the furniture that already exists, the glass dining table should also be selected in a set of suitable materials. If the dining table is modern, glass or a simple design can look particularly elegant. For a cozy or rustic style of furniture, the solid wood legs create a rural-style glass dining table that is again suitable.

Dining table for small premises

If you are not lucky enough to have a separate dining room, you will want a table that makes the most of the limited space available. Also, in this case, we have a solution ready. Instead of chairs, simply plan a modern corner seat. This saves you a lot of space.

If you want to prepare for cozy evenings with friends and family, a table with an extraction function is also suitable. The top of the table can be removed during a visit from the guests and then reduced again.

Another option is to integrate the new table in the kitchen, as long as it is large enough. There are also homes that connect the dining room with the living room. In this case, make sure that the furniture in both areas harmonizes with each other. Otherwise, your imagination has no limits.

With our dining tables and glass chairs, you can make your dining room a place of entertainment. The ingredients alone determine this: numerous table models can be combined as desired with a variety of chairs and benches. The innovative table extensions provide flexibility in everyday life and ergonomically designed chairs and chairs for first-class comfort offer, on the one hand, practical storage space and, on the other hand, the ideal setting for the production of decorative accessories.

You will find a wide range of different designer glass tables, glass desks, glass conference tables and much more. All the glass furniture of our collection can also be obtained in special dimensions. We also like to make your own designs according to your wishes. Now, each glass table is also available upon request you can also order custom glass plates in each glass version.

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