In a dining room or open kitchen, the glass table should be comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate your guests without restrictions. Simply large or elongated, round or square, the table determines the decoration of the room, from the 100% crystal table, to the wooden table, passing through a metal one.

The glass highlights the informal and elegant dining tables at the same time. In the center of the decoration of a dining room or an open kitchen, the dining table plays a fundamental role in these rooms, which we want to be warm and cozy at the same time.

Determine the style of these strategic places, often in the center of the house where we meet. Large, small, rectangular or round, it is around the dining table that articulates your most beautiful dinners, that is why it is essential to choose the best one.

What shape for the dining room table?

The dining room is the place of life par excellence, we work there, we have dinner, we meet around a cafe and the table must inevitably adapt to these daily needs.

Extendable glass table

We all dream of a gigantic table worthy of the most sumptuous receptions, but it is not always possible, so equip yourself with an extendable table, so you can easily go from 4 to 12 guests thanks to some extra ramifications.

Geometric glass tables

Beyond the number of places, the form influences the space and harmony of the room. Choose it round or square for a contemporary, oval or rectangular touch for a more conventional feel.

The roundtables are obviously preferable if you have a small space: you will benefit from a better circulation and will improve the coexistence of the space. On the contrary, if your dining room is large, allow yourself the table of your dreams, elongated and full of elegance.

What material for the base of the table?

The table of the dining room is doubled to all the tendencies, to all the universes and plays with the codes, the colors, and the materials. For a minimalist decoration, we opted for a round glass table with a graphic and metallic wooden base.

For a Scandinavian world, opt for a table with a glass and marble top, like our Reno model. Finally, the rectangular tables with clean design, easily adapt to classic environments and simple environments, for a simple and timeless decoration.

To create an illusion of grandeur, choose a glass table, all in transparency, let the room breathe. All you have to do is choose between all the beautiful tables of our samples!

Glass tables

The glass tables are fundamental pieces, capable of bringing together the decoration of any space. There are different designs, materials, and sizes, but the glass tables offer a special atmosphere to the room. They are perfect for a bedroom, a living room, and even a kitchen.

Glass has always been a very durable material with a unique representation. Its resistance and transparency allow impregnating with elegance any corner of the house. Although it is one of the most used materials every day, it is a refined element by nature.

Our glass tables are refined furniture par excellence. Thanks to its transparency, they allow a room to look bigger. Combining them with other materials is very easy since glass provides a modern and delicate touch; In our store, you will find a lot of chairs to combine a glass table.

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