Our glass dining tables have all shapes and styles. If the glass models are more fashionable than ever, the glass coffee tables with wood bases warm the atmosphere and the coffee tables with glass top make our interior decoration breathe a little.

Single or several, the glass tables are adapted to furnish and decorate a small space or an unstructured version of a room; whether they are several small tables or different side tables or the same table with another geometric shape, decorating with several models is fashionable (if the size of the living room allows it).

The dining room often gathers family and friends for a good meal. The extra large coffee table is also available and the version is perfect for the home, round or square, it is almost at the height of the dining table as it clearly encourages you to multiply the moments of conviviality and sharing.

The table, central element of the dining room

As its name indicates, the dining room is a privileged space to share meals. Your furniture should start with the element that gives it its meaning: the table. Those looking for warm decor will choose glass tables with a wooden base, while fans of high design furniture will opt for full transparency.

Do not forget the most durable material, wrought iron, stainless steel and chrome, your table should reflect the atmosphere of your dining room to sublimate it. And do not forget good lighting to enchant your dining room; the lighting in your dining room should also be fine, the glass table glass attracts light and repeats it.

As important as the lights, the glass tables allow you to create volume and configure atmospheres. Do not hesitate to multiply the light sources and organize them at different heights. Finally, to maintain the lighting, focus on angles to break the shadows and make your room more harmonious.

The right colors for the dining room

Glass tables are an excellent way to rejuvenate any room in the house. But, as always when it comes to decoration, there are some mistakes you should avoid: to make your dining room perfect, it is important to choose colors and make sure there are no more than three shades.

You can opt for soft colors, for the base of the glass table, such as warm white, beige or gray that are generally appreciated by all guests. To give a more personal touch to your dining room, do not hesitate to opt for a bright color on the glass. The glass tables are also ideal for smaller rooms, as they make them look larger.

Whether it’s a dining table, a desk or a coffee table, the glass tables modernize the look of the furniture, while at the same time giving an impression of elegance and luxury. In addition, due to the properties of glass resistance, the glass tops are easy to maintain and can be used indoors and outdoors, regardless of the season.

At Glass dining table we offer you a wide variety of types and shapes of glass tables; you will have no problem finding the style and size that best suits your needs. We are proud of our glass tables: beautiful, extremely durable, and resistant to scratches and heat.

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