When it comes to interior decoration, style comes and goes, the modern is imposed and the old returns, the fact is that wood, especially oak never goes out of style in furniture designs. Wood by tradition has always been present in the decorations of the houses regardless of the trend if the style is elegant or rustic, it is always present.

Especially the oak because it is solid wood is the ideal material to make the chairs and tables of the dining room or kitchen, quality and durability are its main attributes and that is why it is the most chosen when designing furniture. Currently decorators seek to impose new styles to decorate the dining room, but the truth is that the classic never goes out of style and have chosen to make combinations of furniture with various materials including oak, the results have been very good, and it has been demonstrated that wood will continue to be part of the furniture in the decorations.

There is a lot of variety of dining table and chairs, to make combinations with other materials. The oak has always gotten along with the cotton, linen and polyester fabrics in the upholstery, but the current trend allows making other mixtures of materials that turn out to be very interesting. And a modern style is achieved while remaining practical and functional. A combination of oak with glass for a table will give a very cozy and warm look, especially if the chairs have elegant upholstery.

The trend that is very fashionable is to recover that furniture of yesteryear restore them and give it life again, or the vintage style that is to maintain that aged appearance, nothing better than the chairs and classic tables of solid wood to achieve that new style. It is a natural and very resistant material by nature, regardless of the style adapts to everything, be it classic, traditional or elegant.

For the kitchen table and chairs, it is the ideal material, for its strength, functionality, and stability, regardless of the design; it always finds the balance between the other furniture. For rustic styles, it is the material preferred by decorators, since it combines with all the elements around it. Depending on the design can be very comfortable and practical especially the chairs that have padded and woven in their seats and backrests. Its texture is soft and clear.

 Aesthetically they are compatible with other design furniture, achieving contemporary styles. Oak tables and chairs in the kitchen are very practical if the family is large, and with children, it is better to have the toughest materials where there is a lot of activity and oak is ideal. For colonial-style decorations, it is the best option; solid wood is certainly very versatile both for designs and for combining original styles.

  Before deciding what style of table and chairs will be chosen to occupy the dining room or kitchen, it is good to be clear about the function they will have in each space, the materials, functionality, and comfort. Oak represents strength and endurance, and well-designed furniture for the dining room and kitchen in that material is an excellent choice in decoration.

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