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Are you looking for a dining table with character, for a room or simply to modernize your stay? Why not adopt a glass model? There are for all styles in our catalog, in round or rectangular version according to your decoration preferences.

A glass table usually has a glass top with other support material such as steel or wood, sometimes more glass. Actually, more and more models are made entirely of glass. The glass that we offer in our tables can have a particular finish: transparent, curved, frosted, tinted, etc.

Applications of a glass table

A glass table adapts to interiors as well as exteriors, to commercial and private spaces for the restoration, study or exhibition of objects. A transparent glass table can be used in dark and narrow spaces to maximize the perception of volume and light.

The glasses generally used in our designs are ordinary glass, annealed glass or tempered glass. Tempered glass is harder, stronger and less dangerous than ordinary glass when it breaks. When choosing a glass table, it is necessary to take into account the style of the table and the surroundings.

Consider the desired finishing style, we have transparent, dyed or frosted; It also considers the impact of finishing on the perception of the room. It may seem that a transparent glass table mixes with the room, while a white opaque glass table can become a decorative object and occupy more space.

Drop shipping suppliers

Backed by the resources, technological support and national reach of the United Kingdom (and exclusive shipments to Scotland and Highlands) we are a network like no other, our sophisticated capabilities and services can meet the direct shipment requirements while we offer you the flexibility what are you looking for.

Since the Customer Service team is currently receiving a large number of emails, allow time for responses. Use our self-service tools to track your shipments and plan your collection whenever possible.

The direct delivery option guarantees that a package is delivered to the residential or commercial address specified by the customer. This service does not allow recipients to redirect addresses and prevents our drivers from representing themselves for deliveries while the recipients are absent.

Packages with the direct delivery option do not require large payments. Our rates for value-added services are the lowest in the market, reduce delivery times and shipping costs by choosing our service. We do not lose a sale allowing our customers to buy at any time, no matter where they are.

Find in the My Account section detailed tracking of your order step by step. You will be sent an email when your order is shipped. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to respond to your requests as quickly as possible. For immediate help, use our email option sales@glassdiningtables.co.uk of the page.

We collaborate with a network of e-commerce partners that operate platforms in which our shipping, fulfillment, delivery, and return services are already integrated. If you want to send us your questions, ideas, and concerns, take a moment to write to us and soon our customer service will get in touch with you.

We satisfy the needs of our customers by making sure that we have all our shipping plans controlled. Our customers will save shipping costs when ordering from our store, strategically our customers and receive their purchases online faster.

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