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Drop Shipping Meaning

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Whether decorating your home, decorating some rooms or giving a new life to your living room, the choice and design of furniture is an essential step. With us, your choice will be much more difficult since we offer many models and designs to choose from and many more.

We have everything you need in glass tables to make the interior of your space unique. Discover the best items from our special selection of glass tables and choose the furniture that suits you best!

The function, the longevity and the safety of the finish must be taken into account when acquiring one of our glass tables. Glass is usually a fragile material and can be dangerous if it breaks. It may not be appropriate in an environment with children or in a transit area where misuse is possible.

A glass-like tempered glass that breaks into many pieces is less likely to cause an incident than ordinary glass that breaks into sharp shards. A glass table can usually be cleaned with a cloth and is more resistant to scratches than other materials such as acrylic.

Drop shipping meaning

Get carried away by our most beautiful pieces of the glass table and go to the next step! Choose your delivery method and finalize your payment securely on our page. At home or at your place of work, choose the right delivery for you! With the delivery of direct delivery, your packages are delivered when making an appointment (arrange appointments by email within 24 hours to 48 hours after placing the order).

Since no one likes to wait, we promise to respect the announced delivery times when working with specialized carriers. As soon as your product is in stock, it will be delivered to your home or place of work within a maximum period of business days.

Our delivery costs are offered throughout the UK along with exclusive shipments to Scotland and Highlands that have a surcharge. We have selected the best transport companies to ensure the delivery of packages in good condition and as soon as possible.

Due to our excellent pricing and service systems, specific rates are available and offered at your choice of delivery method. Orders placed during weekends and holidays are processed during the week, during the opening hours of our administrative services.

Do not move, we take care of everything! We offer several delivery methods; and for any question related to your order or an article of our special selection, do not hesitate to contact our customer service, who will be happy to help you by email sales@glassdiningtables.co.uk.

We are doing everything possible to ensure that delivery times are respected and even improved. However, it may happen that during this long journey that separates our deposit and your delivery address, some elements interrupt our career to satisfy it as soon as possible.

If the items in your order have different delivery times, you will receive all of your items at the same time, the most recent date. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are one of our rare clients delivered late, we will inform you accurately about the follow-up of your order.

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