The dining table is a central piece of furniture for many of us. On the one hand, due to the size and, on the other hand, because many apartments and houses have open living and dining areas and, therefore, are in the middle of the action. So if a new table comes into the house, you should ask yourself some questions.

Do not need to be restricted by the space in the dining room?

Then do not limit yourself and have enough space at lunchtime for all members of your household or for your guests! The black glass dining table 8 chairs for people is beautifully decorated in the large dining room. From our wide range of different designs, you will surely choose your ideal!

We specialize in solid furniture, so our range includes solid and elegant high quality glass dining tables that will provide ample space for both your interior and your guests.

The glass dining tables are mostly with bases of oak or pine. These tree species are particularly popular for their beautiful design, high strength, and perfect stability. The furniture is treated with natural oil, which emphasizes the texture of solid wood and protects the wood against mechanical damage.

What to do when choosing a dining table for 8 people?

The idea is to follow the rule that each person needs an area at least 60 cm wide and 40 cm deep (if we do not want to bother). The more space you have on your table, the better. So, if you decide to buy a black glass dining table with 8 chairs per person, of course, you will not make the mistake.

For glass dining tables for 8 people, we must have at least 90 x 180 cm (the ideal size is 100 x 200 cm). You must also add to the width of the table the space to move the chair to get up from the table, which must be at least 70 cm, recommended 100 cm. The width of the whole group of dining rooms for 8 people can be up to 3 meters.

The glass table with an oak base has a very stable construction with legs in a stable form. The dining table is suitable not only for the home but also for restaurants and guesthouses.

 The huge dining table for 8 people is a truly luxurious piece of furniture. Its glass stop is supported not only by wooden bases but also by other materials such as an aluminum plate with a thickness of up to 3 cm and sturdy legs with a diameter of 15 x 15 cm. This type of glass table has a length of 220 cm, so that more than 8 people can eat it comfortably.

There is also a dining table where you can choose the ideal size of the top plate, up to 100 x 200 cm. The same goes for a rustic French-style table.

Dining tables for 8 people and their offer

We strive to satisfy the widest possible variety of customers and, therefore, we offer several design tables for 8 people in our offer. Almost all dining table products have the opportunity to choose between the sizes offered.

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