In the dining room of the house, the table is always the place where everyone approaches. Considering that it is the place destined to eat, it has a special attraction. Sometimes it is taken as space to place bags, purses, notebooks, books, etc. But, in moments it clears and returns to have its usual use.

There are multiple styles and designs of tables and chairs, as well as a variety of materials for their elaboration, whether with rustic or sophisticated finishes. The tables and chairs give that personal touch to the house, making the difference from one place to another.

For the elaboration of the tables and chairs, the most used materials are the wood accompanied by the iron, nevertheless, the innovation in the use of polymers has allowed creating chairs and tables with new modern tendencies and of the renewed sort. Among the materials that are used today, there is composed of glass or carbon fibers that create a polymer matrix.

The idea is to be able to incorporate different elements for the design of the chairs and dining tables, being that the materials that manage to produce a modern and transforming effect of the dining room games develop more demand in the furniture stores than the traditional ones.

With the matrix can be made chairs and glass table, as its components provide thermal and chemical resistance, elasticity and low weight of the objects that are made with it, the final finish of a chair with materials based on a polymer matrix is ​​similar to glass. For this reason, in general, it creates in people the feeling of having glass chairs and tables in their dining rooms.

Within the new fashion trends elegant and refined dining games have a public that recognizes them; simple decorations pass to a different target when the glass chairs and tables are incorporated.

Advantages of tables and chairs made with a matrix

The high costs of dining games, due to the use of wood and iron, for their construction have generated greater interest in the acquisition of furniture of biopolymer or better-known plastic. Plastic chairs today have a high demand in the market. The facility to mold a chair or a table with plastic makes its production more accelerated than when it comes to for example wooden furniture.

Some advantages that tables and chairs made with polymers have are the following:

  • Reduced weight
  • Increased functionality
  • Thermo resistant
  • Excellent weight-fatigue resistance
  • Easy maintenance

Therefore, conventional materials have been replaced by these materials, achieving granaceptación by the majority of the population.


Take into consideration that before acquiring a dining set, it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages that they have, both in relation to the use of the materials with which they are designed and in the costs of the same.

In general, the dining area tends to be the space of socialization par excellence, so try to keep it in perfect condition and with an original style, will give its users the pleasure of spending good time and want to enjoy it again soon.

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