The modern style of decoration of the round glass tables combines small design objects with clean lines for an elegant combination. There are few accessories used in a coffee table, but it is the functionality and simplicity that take priority this time.

Designers can customize a round glass table with a beautiful vase installed in the center of the table, or a series of small chandeliers to create a cozy atmosphere at night, the glass table is mixed with many decorative styles.

For example, in a modern dining room, you will often only find the table (glass, wood or metal) with contrast chairs because of its color or material. But at the coffee tables, the chairs are replaced by an armchair or sofa.

Oval or round tables

Oval or roundtables are also a good option for smaller spaces. Particularly modern, the oval dining table is available in many materials, the white marble versions are timeless, but other materials are favorites these days, especially glass, with metal legs or wood.

Roundtables of different formats are also available. Around them, they have identical chairs, for a style that is both elegant and modern. At the same time, modern and discreet, the glass table is a good option for not having too bulky furniture in the room.

The modern style of the round tables

The modern style is based on the principles of functionality, ergonomics, and durability. With its elegant side, the style of round glass tables can sometimes be considered a bit colder, which is why small accessories are added as centerpieces to complete the decoration.

Modern glass tables are usually large and bright, and neutral colors such as white, brown and gray predominate on the legs of the table. We avoid adding too many furniture or accessories to maintain this aspect of space and size.

The main materials found in a modern decorative style are chrome, metal, and glass, but also wood and marble. Metal and wood are very present in the modern style, both in stainless steel and in aluminum or chrome.

Glass dining tables high

The round glass tables for the dining room adapt to all environments. Thanks to its large size, this type of glass tables are designed for large spaces, ideal for coffee shops, relaxation rooms or meeting spaces, while they are spacious enough for six people dinners.

The glass tables have a contemporary design and are suitable for all interiors and dining rooms. Our round or oval tables are designed to provide high resistance and enjoy using.

A glass table of this type is combined with stainless steel, chrome or even wood is bright and pleasant furniture that will delight all guests.

Our tables and glass design (lacquered or tempered) allow you to decorate your home with perfection. Discover all the styles and lengths on our website. For years we have put into practice our experience and knowledge to offer individuals and professionals the best designs in glass tables.

We offer a selection of high-end products for your interior; we select intelligently manufacturers and brands that promote quality. Through our online website, you can discover our range of products divided into different categories.

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