A glass table usually has a glass lid with another support material such as steel or wood. However, more and more models are made entirely of glass. The glass can have a particular finish: transparent, curved, frosted, tinted, etc.

Models of dining tables

There is the classic rectangular design glass table, this would be a very good addition to a living room with a natural decoration of contemporary style, but there are a number of new models and materials in the market.

The industrial design

It is very popular at this time, furniture manufacturers have created a range of products inspired by this style, such as the side table that can be seen above and whose height can be adjusted to using a crank.

As for example, a colored glass table, which impresses with its modern and very neat finish; In addition to his skills of extension of six spaces to twelve spaces.


This furniture will also attract those who seek decoration solutions that respect the planet. And, if you prefer a type of dining table that can serve as an accent in your living room or in your office, opt for this product made of wood and fiberglass.

As for example, a glass table with an MDF wood base, for a natural look that results from the combination of both materials.

Find all these glass design table models and many more on our web portal.

Applications of glass tables

A glass table adapts to the interior as well as the exterior, to commercial and private spaces for the restoration, study or exhibition of objects.

A transparent glass table can be used in dark and narrow spaces to maximize the perception of volume and light. A glass table can usually be cleaned with a cloth and is more resistant to scratches than other materials such as acrylic.

The glasses generally used are ordinary glass, annealed glass or tempered glass. Tempered glass is harder, stronger and less dangerous than ordinary glass when it breaks.

Choice criteria

When choosing a glass table, it is necessary to take into account the adequacy between the style of the table and the surroundings. Consider the desired finishing style: transparent, tinted or frosted, and the impact of the finish on the perception of the room.

It may seem that a dining table and glass chairs mix with the room, while an opaque white glass table can become a decorative object and occupy more space.

The function, longevity, and safety of the finish must be taken into account. The glass is usually a fragile material and can be dangerous if it breaks. A glass-like tempered glass that breaks into many pieces is less likely to cause an incident than ordinary glass that breaks into sharp shards.

Are you looking for a dining table with character, to furnish a house or apartment, or simply to modernize your stay? Why not adopt a glass model that combines both the design of a dining room and the living room? There are for all styles in our catalog, in round or rectangular version according to your decoration preferences.

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