Your interior design should only look like you, so we offer at least a dining table and glass chairs for you. There are many simple tips to customize your glass table. So do not hesitate to add a personal touch to the design of your glass table, be it the base material or the color of the glass. Brighten and color your glass table, it’s possible!

However, it is necessary to invest a little more for a personalized model or glass of striking colors. Have fun to customize your furniture and decoration items. You can also choose many decorative textures to give a little life to your glass table, in addition to several colors that are available, and will easily adapt to your home.

Make the choice of your glass table

The glass table, whether dining or coffee is a piece that ideally will have its place to share with family and friends. In our stores, the glass tables are classified by style (classic, modern, in style or design, etc.) and are present in different shapes, colors, and materials.

Discover our glass tables with modern designs; with a few clicks, you can get the table of your dreams. Let yourself be seduced by the charm of our designer dining tables with glass top or lacquered in white or black. Find the table with a glass top that matches its decoration.

Applications of a glass table

A glass table accompanies the moments of relaxation when we sit down to eat or recline on a sofa and also serves as a side table when we talk about coffee tables. The coffee table is used mainly in rooms, but can also be used outdoors. In general, it will always be associated with a seat, be it a sofa, an armchair or a lawn chair.


The glass tables for the center of the room and the dining room can be made of innumerable materials, but the bases make the combination; there is wood, more glass, metal, polycarbonate, stone, marble, etc.

The shape and dimensions of the base and top will depend mainly on the space that needs to be furnished. This is the reason why a glass top can be round, square or rectangular but it also has more original and unusual shapes. The height of the base of the table can vary, depending on the use to be made.

Choice criteria

To give a touch of design to your interior, the glass table seems to be a perfect choice. At the crossroads of art and technology, the glass table has always stood out over the years. It is a material that invites pushing the limits of design. Discover the designer glass tables that have revolutionized the history of design and its modern designs.

When choosing a glass table to decorate your room or stay, it is important to know, first, how much space we have because the dimensions of the table depend on it. The shape, the materials, the colors, and all the aesthetic characteristics, on the other hand, will be chosen according to the style of the room and personal taste.

Choose the glass table model you need in our stores, from the most basic raised glass table to the extendable smart table. Dress your interior with our selection on our website and do not hesitate to contact our advisors.

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