In addition to the aesthetic criterion (we should like it alone and also combined with our decoration), there are many technical criteria to consider. And like the dining room, it is mainly the place to be in our family home, as much as it is functional and well thought out: it was time for us to take care of the matter!

Because yes, it is not mandatory to restrict yourself to a single dining table, we always advise having a second small side table, if only to put a book for a moment, a small lamp or your glass of wine when you are a bit away from the center of the main table. It’s practical, and visually creates another cozy corner, like a reading corner.

This side table can be chosen quite different from the dining table, in another style, another material, another color … And also a little higher, the height above the waist, for example. To focus on the dining table, we can also see it in the plural: two seats or more, depending on the space you have.

The shape of the glass tables

Let’s start with what is obvious, the shape of our dining table. In our store, there is something for everyone: round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular, undefined … And it’s not just a matter of taste, each form has its advantages and disadvantages. For example a glass dining table with swivel chairs would need a lot of space around the table to be able to sit on the chairs.

The round and oval shapes of the glass are more adapted to children (the possibilities of cutting through glass are more limited in a circle) but it also adapts better to the most restricted spaces, because one can adjust them more easily. They are also ideal for table runners and non-rectangular tablecloths!

Square and round shapes are easier to use for snacks with friends, for example, because they are all the same distance from the center of the table. The rectangular and elongated forms are preferred for a large room.

The size of the glass table

We often say that a dining table is a family table, the height is standard, like that of an office table. But currently, with the different models and designs available, the height of the different seats can vary a lot and will influence the height of our dining table. The rule of thumb is that a dining table should be at the same height as an adult’s hip.

In a house for two people with limited space, a round table of 70 cm is recommended. If space is small enough, while the family has 6-8 members, the modular ones represent the ideal solution. They incorporate extensions that can measure up to 50 cm, changing a table from four to eight, in an instant.

To save space in a small area, there are tables with drawers for storing cutlery. Therefore, there is no need to invest in a comfortable, everything necessary is at hand.

This choice also depends on other criteria, such as transport (marble bases will be difficult to transport in an apartment on the third floor) and regarding the maintenance of the table: fingerprints easily mark the glass tables, therefore, they should be cleaned frequently. The wood of the base is easily cleaned and can last for years if treated properly. The marble is resistant, but it is susceptible to the stains of the dining room and wine due to its porosity.

Our rectangular tables of 6 and 8 seats are perfect for large spaces, of course, to choose in the same model but in different dimensions, or in different sizes but in a harmony of colors, for example. It’s up to you to be creative!

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