The family has always represented a fraternal bond, sitting all together at the table to share a meal, a dessert or just a cup of coffee symbolizes the affable meeting that you can have on a Sunday for example.

And families that are very numerous, how do they achieve this? This answer is very simple, looking for enough space for everyone. Consequently, homes where the family is very large always have a meeting place or a commonplace, of course, the house of the aunt or grandmother, which are usually the houses that tend to be with more space.

Tables and chairs everywhere can be found in the homes of grandparents, so therefore spaces are always organized where everyone can enter. Either placing one table next to the other or being distributed in several places.

For these cases, some tables have been designed that adapt according to the need, and that technology has been accompanying designers and innovators to be able to have larger tables when adding more people to it.

Folding tables are another alternative since they allow you to create and expand a small table by simply removing a lock. Such is the case that this type of table can be made of wood, glass or metal, adapting wheels or pulleys that allow the displacement of the top of the table to make it wider.

Having enough seats at the table is one of the things to consider when the family is extended. Broadly speaking, the tables are defined between 4 posts, 6 posts and 8 posts. However, in this case, we wanted to think of tables for 12 posts, for this, there are several requirements.

Among the premise that you must have to place a table for 12 people at home, are the meters that measure space, lighting, chairs that are not so large, decoration and proximity to other areas of the house.

It should be noted that a table for 12 people really deserves the location of a large space inside the house or outside it. In general, this type of tables for so many people beyond having them at home can easily be rented to be rented at the time of having an event.

However, if it were the case that you would like to be able to seat 12 people at the table, the ideal option is the extensible tables. To get out of a predicament, either because more guests arrived than expected or because the whole family came, the practical and simple thing is to extend the table. So at the end of your family reunion or event with friends, simply fold the table and everything will be exactly the same as it was. Similarly, you should consider the number of chairs you must have at home, and what do you think? There are folding chairs, which are very useful since it is not necessary to have them in the dining room permanently.

Following these tips, propose a family event at home, it will be very simple, you will not have excuses to share between uncles, cousins, brothers, brothers-in-law and of course the mother-in-law. The significant thing is to be together as a family.

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