During the planning of events, the rental of chairs and tables is one of the tops the list of duties. It is such an important feature for the hosts that making assertive decisions is as beneficial as getting a good discount.

Tables and chairs exist by quantity. As time passes, the furniture companies manage to keep innovating, creating unique and unforgettable pieces. However, unless it is an event with a view to waste, renting this kind of furniture is a smart idea.

However, for practical and aesthetic reasons, not all tables are suitable for all occasions. There will be parties that, for reasons of budget, will not be able to adhere to too luxurious fashions, but the following examples fulfill what is requested when organizing a reception.

Glass tables

This type of tables is a canon at weddings or work receptions with a formal theme. They do not require too elaborate decoration, they adapt to any type of chairs and, they filter day and night light, so they are made with the practicality.

However, there are some drawbacks that cannot be ignored. In this sense, glass tables are a success of taste, but it is strongly recommended to use them in receptions with guest list, spacious rooms and, fundamentally, with the full awareness that the environment will not get too wild.

Another condition that is attached to the glass tables are the interiors. In the open they are neither easy nor safe, so if a moonlight reception comes in the plans, it is better to forget about these tables.

Wooden tables

In almost all events, the wooden tables say present. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, resistant and adapt, in their own way, to any type of reception. However, that does not mean that they are inherent in some conditions.

The first thing that people should know when they rent a wooden table is that it requires careful decoration. If it is modern, perhaps it is not urgent, but with that worn wood, the tablecloths, vases or candles are almost an obligation.

Inside or outside, wooden tables can be used with total reliability. In addition, they create a quite cozy atmosphere that, at weddings, birthdays or christenings are the icing on the cake. They are also cheap and are rented in almost all establishments dedicated to event planning.

Plexiglas or plastic tables

For children’s parties, outdoor events and informal receptions, this type of tables and chairs are the easiest, most economical and practical thing to do.

As with wooden tables, this material creates the collateral need to invest in creative decoration. Otherwise, it may be too austere and bland. It is not necessary to make an exponential expense, because generally table linen and centerpieces lighten the work.

Plastic tables are ideal, for example, for events in swimming pools or beaches. However, all this will depend on the style of each client. In the decoration there are no straitjackets and less when it comes to an event of one night.

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