It is essential because it is around her that everything is articulated. Small, round, with wood or metal base, at we have everything to choose from at your dining table!

The needs of a dining table

First, you must better determine your needs. A family of six will not have the same expectations as a couple without children. The same happens if you’re a fan of big tables, or if you share with friends or family lunches on weekends.

Dining room: adapt your table to space

Dining tables usually find their place in living rooms if there is enough space. A rectangular dining table for six people usually has a length between 110 and 130 centimeters. If you use the table only occasionally, you can opt for an extendable glass table.

These extendable glass tables allow increasing the number of seats while maintaining comfort and aesthetics. There are several systems, starting with the crystals that incorporate retractable panels that disappear once they are in the closed position. Others include fins to unfold or mobile panels to add in the central part.

Material for the dining room table

Some criteria can help us make a decision: glass tables with wooden bases have a warm and friendly appearance and are part of the trend of retro decoration now very popular; It is also simpler to combine a glass table with wooden legs with a set of chairs.

Maintenance of a glass table

However, they can fog up over time and require some maintenance, wax or oil is used if you want to protect them from the outdoors. The glass tables are sensitive to scratches and look dirty quickly due to the traces that are more visible; however, they will bring an elegant and timeless touch to the decoration.

For better quality foundations, be sure to choose a solid wood, such as oak, if you want light wood or walnut for a darker shade. The marble is also back in our decorations and a table in this material provides an elegant and contemporary touch.

What type of table to choose for my dining room?

As for the form, everything is possible! For large pieces, opt for an oval table like the Venice model of 6 seats for chairs that will ensure certain fluidity in the circulation and will not look as massive as the rectangular tables.

A round table

It will adapt very well to small spaces, such as the Carsen table that you can find at A central support allows clearing the place while making the table visually more aerial, like the Brizoni table.

The rectangular table

They impress with their geometric appearance and their pure lines, while allowing proportional and delimit the space, allow to easily installing four, six or even eight guests. The seats at each end are very practical to incorporate more seats.

To have a unique table, you can choose bases with original shapes and colors, some of our models are quite artistic, where you do not feel that you are buying a table of critics, rather a work of art. We offer a wide variety of finishes for the color of glass, wood and metal.

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