The choice of material depends to a large extent on the style of the dining room. For a contemporary interior, you should prefer white or gray lacquered tables with clean lines. For an industrial design interior, a brushed metal table will be perfect. For a Nordic environment, natural wood is the perfect choice to provide a touch of authenticity and conviviality.

The glass is preferred … and a glass dining table with steel chairs combines perfectly. Beyond the aesthetics, one should also take into account the ease of maintenance or the durability of the material of the dining table; that’s why we like glass and metal combined.

A tempered glass table

A versatile material, tempered glass is usually associated with wood or metal (for the structure). This material is perfect for a modern dining room. The visual lightness that the glass brings is particularly adapted to a spacious and luminous room. This material seduces by his resistance to the heat and the humidity, but also by his ease of maintenance. On the other hand, tempered glass is sensitive to chips, scratches, and stains.

If appearance is important to harmonize the interior, we must also think about the practical side. Easy to maintain, glass is perfect even if the home has small children. Although the risk of accidents persists, be it a wooden, metal or glass table, the glass can break and cause serious injury. Even rounded corners can be sharpened in the event of a crash.

Wood base

For timeless furniture, wood is the best option. Combining all styles, this material is appreciated for its natural and warm appearance. Naturally treated wood or recycled wood, this material is preferred for the base of a robust and durable glass table. Its disadvantage is based on its sensitivity to water and heat. In addition, the base wood must be treated regularly to last.

MDF base

Made of medium density wood fibers and formaldehyde-based glue, a base for MDF glass tables has the advantage of being available in a variety of colors. Adapted to a clean and modern decoration, this material is resistant to moisture and is easy to maintain supporting the weight of the glass.

Natural stone base

Granite, marble, slate or limestone, the natural stone gives an elegant and refined look to the base of the glass dining table. Durability and resistance to moisture and heat are its main advantages.

The colors and textures, on the other hand, can be different. If your sofa and armchairs are boring, choose a dining table in a very bright tone. Conversely, if the furniture in the room is bright, a matte dining table is a must. The objective is to play with the contrasts.

Choose the right design

Aesthetics is an aspect that should not be minimized. On our website, several thousand dining tables will be at your disposal, but to guarantee a winning purchase, you will have to trust your instincts. The most modern dining tables will not necessarily be the ones that will adapt to your home.

The furniture that enjoys the special attention of the users is those that have more combinations and durability. If you think that the dining room table is too imposing, you can opt for a simple and unadorned model. Rectangular or square dining tables with the solid wood base will fit perfectly.

If you like vintage style, dining tables with raw wood base should meet your expectations. On the other hand, if you like designer tables, opt for our sober models that are made with delicacy.

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