Tables and chairs the complete set to decorate a dining room, each of these elements must be integrated into a balanced and visually harmonious way. Before choosing the appropriate furniture for the dining room, several factors must be taken into account, the place they will occupy inside the house, whether it is in the main dining room, in the kitchen or perhaps the patio. The designs for each of these spaces are not equal and often do not have the same function.

 Both the dining room tables and the kitchen are very important when decorating, the dining room table and chairs must be very elegant and attractive, with character and personality, to create a style that projects comfort and good taste, this is a place very important especially in very special times such as family reunions at Christmas, and thanksgiving, rather than decorative, the designs must be comfortable and that convey the warmth and harmony with the rest of the house.

 The most used materials in the design of the tables and chairs of the main dining rooms are wood, such as mahogany, oak and cedar, synthetic materials, metal, and glass. The designs always tend to the traditional, and modern; although the current trend is to make combinations of styles with different materials that create very original combinations, in the end, the results are very attractive.

The shapes and designs of the tables remain practically the same. The straight lines of square and rectangular tables are still imposed, although the round ones have become part of the decorations lately. As for the chairs, these can vary in colors even in the same design, and with different materials. The truth is that now trends change continuously, and they are freer to make combinations that seemed strange before.

In the case of the kitchen and the terraces, the selection of dining table and chairs should be more functional and practical, there is generally a lot of activity among the inhabitants of the house, and the furniture although it must be attractive and balanced with the rest of the decoration, must be very resistant materials, comfortable for everyone. When there is little space in the kitchen it is better to opt for a folding table, these save space and are very useful when there are more guests, another option is to buy folding chairs that can be stored and used when necessary, they are also very light and comfortable.

 Wooden benches have become very fashionable in kitchen decorations, especially if the table is made of wood, they are also ideal for saving space and more guests can be added if necessary. Like the kitchen tables, the terrace must also have very comfortable tables and chairs, generally there aesthetics and designs are taken into account, these are always made with natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and rattan fibers To give a rustic style.

Among variety, style, and designs of chairs and tables there is much to choose from, the important thing is to choose the right furniture for each style and space they will occupy. Functionality and comfort must be taken into account; Of course aesthetics and elegance also has a lot to give harmony to the whole house.

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