After the sofa, the dining room table steals all the attention and attention inside the room. Modern, classic or appealing to a vintage touch, this furniture also houses many of the family memories that are built over time.

More than choosing a dining room, the dilemma many people face is how to decorate them. In that sense, it is not always easy to achieve balance. Not much, not little; these ideas are a lifesaver when it comes to decorating the dining table.

Tall objects for round tables

It is proven that most people are made with a round table – when it comes to dining rooms. For this reason, the first advice is oriented to give this type of designs a unique and charming touch.

In this sense, the question will arise: Why tall objects? At the time of dressing a round and oval table, the height ornaments prevent the view from generating a pyramidal shape that are, at all, pleasant.

The round tables, contrary to what many believe, fit with several styles and forms, but the reality is that from the aesthetic point of view, reduces its practicality. When talking about “tall” objects, it does not mean that they should be particularly large. It is an allegory to be animated with vertical ornaments.

The classic, safe and assertive, always, will be a vase or some cylinder with ornaments that fit.

The contrast of colors

One of the particularities offered by Dining Table and Chairs is that they allow playing with tones. The cold colors, present almost perpetually in the salons, move away from the road, and that offers – for some – freedom.

A recurring example of how contrasts bring life to dining rooms occurs, particularly, with dark wood or glass tables. The latter, in addition to filtering the light and expanding the space, lend themselves to the inclusion of yellows and oranges. The wood, on the other hand, welcomes reds, magentas, and purples.

Candlesticks or candle holders?

In essence, they are exactly the same. However, the idea that candlesticks belong to the Victorian era, remains rooted in a considerable amount of the population. The idea is to get a modern one, chrome or polished metal that fits perfectly with the sophisticated style that is expected.

Where are these models perfect? In modern dining rooms, chairs or armchairs in neutral colors, if it is complemented with a lamp or ceiling chandelier, the result is simply spectacular.

Compositions of various elements

Large families always appeal to a rectangular dining room. The size, in that sense, could be lent to make a table look desolate. Therefore, finding the right ornaments is a matter of style and tastes.

If it is a rustic wooden table, fruits, baskets or trays are the ideal complements, while in the most modern settings, the centers of glass or chrome, as well as flowers, will represent everything you want to achieve.

Plants: when they are a good idea

Many people insist on not having plants inside the house. However, some artificial foliage can become the perfect ally when it comes to decorating the dining room.

When is it a good idea to decorate with plants? When the table is of rustic material, there are no more plants around and colors are absent in the place.

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