A trend that has been seeing a lot in decoration is the bank in the dining rooms. A dining table and chairs and bench, they are very common to see them in the current decoration. For a small space, you can choose a round glass dining table, placing it towards a corner, where a bench will be around the corner, combine both with modern chairs to complete the game.

The corner bank will give you more space to locate more guests. If you use light colors in the decoration, with prints that are not recharged, you can achieve a relaxed atmosphere. However, if you combine the dining table with warm and striking colors, you will make an invitation to chat and meet.

The corners can be used very well in small spaces. Corner benches are very useful and functional. You can place many more guests at the dining table than you would if you only placed chairs.

Ideally in these corners is to place round dining tables, they help to bring diners closer. And they maximize space; it is easier to add diners to a round dining table than to a square or rectangular table.

An example of this is a round glass dining table of the ideal size, with a corner bench, which has very colorful cushions and acrylic chairs. Space will look wider because the light is reflected through the glass, creating that feeling of spaciousness. And with the chairs in acrylic, the light will expand much better.

You can also give the place a warm touch with a wooden dining table. You combine it with some rattan chairs that the fabric is a dark color to make a good contrast. The corner bench can be white painted wood.

These banks in the corners are very useful, you can take advantage of the structure and place them storage, so you will have a bank where more guests can be located and at the same time you can store what you need in the dining room.

In spaces where the dining room is much wider, you can place a rectangular dining table with chairs on one side and a bench along the other side. Rustic and vintage-style dining rooms look great with this combination.

However, a modern dining room can look spectacular with a bench at one end. In addition to being functional, useful and practical, it will look great on the spot. A natural wooden table, on a chromed metal structure, with curved chairs from the 50s, upholstered in leather and a wooden bench with cushions in the seat can look very modern with a contemporary touch.

No matter what style you choose for decorating your dining room, a bank will always be a very useful piece of furniture when you have meetings with your friends and family. You can add diners to the table; the guests will be closer to the time of the meeting. And they will share much more.

The wooden benches are the most beautiful, in them you can place cushions that contrast with the decoration and attract attention. Depending on the colors you choose, the place will look wide or smaller.

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