When it comes to acquiring the dining table and chairs, the design and materials capture all the attention and often relegate the chairs/seats to the background.

Since the dining room is a set, one of which the chairs are part, there are very important aspects to consider before buying them. If the selected dining room does not include them, these tips can help you choose the right chairs.

Chairs combined?

This is probably the least important aspect for those who are looking for their dining room chairs. However, those who inquire about indoor fashion trends will know that uneven seats have become popular in recent months.

The conventional trend suggests that all chairs must be the same. If you are looking for harmony and minimalism, do not doubt that this is what you are looking for, but when appealing for originality, chairs of different styles bring personality.

In this way, natural fibers can be mixed with the classic and the modern at the same time. If the selection is made intelligently, the result can be artistic.

Predominant materials

Generally, the dining rooms are made of wood, but far from using the same ones that are used in the tables, the pine and beech, and all those that stoically resist the weight, are the options a priori.

Of course, there are other synthetic materials that also respond to the most pressing need for dining chairs: strength and comfort. Whatever the choice, it only remains to make sure that it fits with the chosen table.

As for the seats, the upholsteries on the backrests or the smooth surfaces face in a fairly equal battle, since people seem to enjoy both.

Appropriate size

One quality that should not be overlooked when buying chairs for the dining room is the size. This, like the table, will depend on the available space, so it makes no sense to choose too wide or narrow chairs, which should be distributed throughout the rest of the house due to lack of space.

Fortunately, with the size of the chairs, the standards also say presently. Interior specialists recommend making chairs whose width does not exceed 60 centimeters, with less than 15 centimeters of separation between diners and a comfortable, rigid and quality backrest.

Regarding height, the legs should not exceed 50 centimeters. After all, the longer the length, the more ornate space becomes.

Chair design

At this point, there are two types of buyers: those who bet on comfort “giving up” style and those who bet on design “sacrificing” comfort.

This, frankly, is a very wide concept of chair design, especially knowing that the industry has manufactured models that balance both qualities to obtain equal parts.

While there is nothing absolute, when selecting the design, the use for the dining room should be considered. If the objectives include receiving guests frequently or serving the meals of the day, comfort should outweigh the design.

Otherwise, the aesthetic will be imposed, but always favoring the dining room space and adapting, of course, to the personality of its owners.

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