As good exponents of interior decoration, it is important to highlight the advantages of the innovation of styles, designs, and sizes that are currently entering the furniture market.

This sense of avant-garde brings personality to the halls, rooms and dining rooms. And as far as the latter is concerned, the extendable tables are made with a very important place regarding space.

These are original furniture that also provides incredible functionality. Practicality, as a strong point, is reinforced by adaptability, which makes extensible glass tables the perfect choice for small-sized homes.

The logistics of these tables do not have much science. When it is necessary to open space for guests, the table is extended from the table and, once the meeting is over, it is folded again, as compact as ever.

This ability to expand and contract manually serves to save space, in addition to using it in its full width only at the right times.

Until now, most of the benefits associated with this kind of dining room are covered. Clearly, space is the strong point, which arouses interest, but that does not mean that there are no other features worth mentioning.


In the market, there are other types of extendable tables. There are polypropylene, plastic, plexiglass, wood, but glass, with its concept of convergent modernity and practicality, also provide relief when it comes to cleaning.

Apart from the care in the breakage or chipping of the glass, the tables of this material are maintained and cleaned very simply. A cloth, some special liquid for glass and all traces, spots or imperfections are completely discarded.

When it is time for cleaning, many recommend extending the table along its entire length, cleaning the surface and then contracting it again. This will prevent the accumulation of dirt particles.


Despite being a practical table, the elegance provided by the glass dining rooms does not disappear in the extensible designs. In fact, this simplicity of its forms lets the prominence of the table flow.

Many buyers agree that the table, by the simple fact of being made of glass, stands out from the rest of the furniture, but they also contribute to highlighting details and ornaments that keep it company.

The luminosity, for example, serves to reinvent the dining room space. As the glass has the quality of combining with many colors and materials, the shades will not be a problem. Many go for black and white – which is always a safe choice.


Modernity and glass dining tables and chairs are extremely similar, so they adapt to any decorative trend: vintage, classic, rustic, colonial or futuristic. The delicacy of its forms or adapts or contrasts picturesquely with the rest of the furniture.

The plurality of the crystal extends to other more practical senses, such as resistance. Glasses, at least those of good quality, are ideal for homes where young children live.

The only precaution to be taken in these situations is related to the thickness of the glass. Generally, temperate smooths rise above all other options for their quality and strength.

It does not matter if the table is square and round, the extensible quality is not lost because it is glass and the furniture industry proves it every day.

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