Not all decoration currents must adhere to what is already known. That is why the dining rooms, especially the tables, have developed an unusual prominence that is reinforced by the new proposals of the furniture industry.

For those who enjoy originality in the interior spaces, this article crumbles, one by one, the new styles that will prevail this season.

White eaters: the new best friends

For a long time, people fled white furniture, especially dining rooms. However, the luminosity of these tables has become fundamental and returns to the ring with a chic aura that does not go unnoticed.

Wood is one of its great exponents, just as whitish tones for Nordic styles become increasingly popular. In addition, an advantage granted by white is the breadth of other colors that can be used for ornaments and details.

As white reflects sophistication, it is recommended to combine dining rooms with designer chairs, bringing Mediterranean styles to the collision.

Dining rooms with glass and industrial materials

Currently, glass finishes are an example of elegance and sophistication. Hence the result of the popular dining rooms with this material, whose transparency transmits luminosity.

The feeling of spaciousness is only one-third of all the advantages that are subject to glass dining table and chairs. Another point in favor is that they can be combined with industrial style furniture: steel, chrome, and other metals.

That versatility extends even to materials as traditional as wood. However, to incorporate it with glass it is recommended to use dark and smooth wood – not necessarily polished.

Modern chairs are also an ideal complement to glass dining rooms. The upholstered in polyester leather lead the arena.

Nordic dining rooms

Not everyone may be familiar with the Nordic concept, but this European style, made up of the northern countries, is becoming increasingly prominent in terms of interior decoration.

The most characteristic tone of Nordic dining rooms is their design, determined, functional and austere. With furniture of this current, it is easy to create an iridescent, warm and cozy atmosphere. Just what is sought in family dining rooms.

Obviously, the Nordic style is full of wood and natural finishes. It’s untraditional but wonderful, airs can be found more frequently in interior decoration magazines and blogs.

Tables with recycled materials

This wave has not curdled so much in the postmodern era, but it cannot be denied that a number of followers have managed to create incredible spaces at the expense of jute, rattan and a whole natural environment, regarding the dining rooms, the uses of fibers, recycled wood and all this set of avant-garde objects that, together, create their own environment stand out almost futuristic.

Italian dining rooms

The main obstacle to getting an Italian-style dining room is the price. But beyond that, it gathers an important amount of followers, especially in Europe.

To build elegant and sophisticated spaces, this class of dining rooms is characterized by their opulence. Hence, as a requirement, adapt them with the rest of the decoration.

These are tables whose main material is light wood, chairs with leather upholstery in cream colors, curved lines and an austerity crowned by a spark of sophistication.

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