Like fashion, the furniture industry faces trends that change every year or, at most, every certain biennium. Between 2018 and what has elapsed from this 2019, some qualities of interior design are maintained or innovated; and within all that avalanche of styles, dining tables stand out for their characteristics.

According to the trends for dining rooms, the bets of the manufacturing companies favor functionality, comfort, and lightness. Style and aesthetics still prevail this season but merge to give rise to a hybrid between rustic and modern, natural and avant-garde.

Through social networks and different websites that expose these new trends in dining rooms, it is clear that the materials prevail as an important issue.

The wood, eternal protagonist, is now shown with its most rustic and elementary face. All the imperfections that were previously polished to the pristine shine are now sold roughly but well made.

The veneer and fusion of modern materials with wood also come this 2019 as a fashion that gains popularity, becoming the strong point of the dining room choices. In addition to glass, metal and other irons bring originality to the furniture. They are the protagonists without objection.

Even so, in its original state, the most quoted types of wood are walnut, mahogany, oak, maple, and teak. The dark tones are imposed on the clear ones and the square shapes win the game in the joinery market.

Continuing with the fashions, it is valid to emphasize that the glass and metal dining rooms, since they began to spread as a modern and avant-garde option, do not lose that unbridled fame. The elegance that blends with brightness brings harmony, and visual lightness.

Modern trends should include a trend that also plays an important role this 2019: porcelains. However, the immaculate marbles and granites, which were so smooth framed at the beginning of the decade, are now diverted to achieve similar finishes to the stone in its natural state.

Clearly, rusticity is far from being relegated, but when it comes to design and shapes, Provencal and Italian-style tables take center stage thanks to their lines and unquestionable beauty.

It is curious that in this year’s currents the legs of the tables stand out for their unusual lines, which yes or yes arouse the interest of the most original buyers.

The trends that rule for fixed bases are, among others, marbles and quartz. Between the two, however, it is the marble that dominates the elegance and style it brings to the dining table and chairs.

The icing on the styles for this season comes from the hand of the colors. The sobriety remains, but the cheerful tonalities begin to arouse interest after having been relegated by almost five years.

Among the ornaments are the details, the gold and silver glitter. In the matte tones, the frosty black and white and a navy blue that gains ground without stopping stand out.

Last but not least, it is valid to mention how important the industrial wave has become for dining rooms and furniture in general. Metal finishes are a yes for this year and probably for the next.

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