The decoration of the house will always reflect the personality and character of the owners; when decorating, finding the right designs of the furniture in each room and each style is a challenge, the good taste and originality of its owners must be demonstrated. But there is another element that falls within the criteria to follow to choose furniture, and it is a comfort.

 In the case of the dining room, this place becomes one of the most important because of the meaning it has inside the home. The table together with the chairs represents the family unit because there they share joys and family anecdotes, either in the main dining room or the kitchen, comfort must be linked to its functionality. Before choosing the dining table and chairs together you have to ask yourself if they will be used frequently or only eventually, this will help a lot to choose the right chairs and not get carried away only by the design

 To choose the type of chairs and tables in the decoration of the house, not only should you choose a design that brings beauty and elegance, but they must also provide comfort first and foremost. In the case of chairs, these must be visibly very attractive and elegant, especially if it is the main dining room, but to seek comfort they must be timeless, the model can be the traditional one, or they can also be mixed to give an original touch.

The designs must fit within the proportions of the room and the size of the table, in the same way, its height must be balanced, the seat must not exceed 110 cm and the backrest must be between 45 to 50 centimeters, you must take Consider whether you have armrests or not because this will influence the size of the table, and the number of chairs as they need more space. It is normal to have 4 to 6 chairs and when necessary you can use folding chairs for more guests. The most advisable if there is little space is to use chairs without armrests, these are more harmonious in a large space with larger tables.

The materials must be according to the style of the entire decoration, so that it does not break the visual harmony of the space, the most used materials in the designs of the tables and chairs are wood, resin, glass, and metallic, synthetic, of fiber-like rattan as well as cotton and linen fabrics for upholstery.

 The most recommended styles of chairs based on their comfort and aesthetics are the armchairs, being wide and super comfortable, those of French style that is very comfortable for their upholstery, the Windsor that is distinguished by having bars in the backrest and are made of wood, the Thonet has a wide back in the form of blades. In short, a lot of variety of styles and shapes that provide comfort to diners, including many traditional and that are still maintained today. It is also a trend to place chairs of various styles and colors in conjunction with the table; the important thing is that it is comfortable.

 When choosing chairs and tables, style, aesthetics, and comfort will be taken into account. In the same way, it is not the same to choose a table and chairs for the main dining room that tends to be more decorative, to the kitchen where it is required to be more functional, practical and comfortable for everyone since that is where they mostly eat and share.

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