Between tastes and reasons, the decoration is debated because of its extensibility of stock, models, and colors. Even so, and despite this, it is very easy to get new reasons to buy a certain item.

By the way, there are five other reasons why round tables are a good choice at home.

It makes room for the gathering

Obviously, the tables do not work only as the furniture to sit down to eat, but they become a space for intimacy and moments between family, friends, and relatives.

For those who enjoy long and tended talk and enjoy listening without discomfort, the round tables are an ideal choice, as it is proven that the tables of this constitution are more welcoming and familiar, encouraging communication.

With ornaments such as lamps and accompanied by less conventional armchairs or chairs, this space can easily become everyone’s favorite in the home. You just have to know how to choose.

It works for classic and modern styles

In catalogs, magazines, and websites it is common to get round tables amid diametrically opposite decorations. This is because this furniture works in any space and, according to its court, can take over the living room.

As regards the classic models, they are almost a must in the kitchen or dining room, since they bring the tradition and familiarity that is expected from a table.

The best part? They can be further romanticized with linen tablecloths or placemats.

As for modern spaces, round tables have an incredible advantage: the absence of corners that widens the visual field and avoids constant shocks.


With round dining tables and chairs, home spaces are not a limitation. If they are wide, they can become the support article for other corners of the house, amassing a unique versatility.

Of course, when these tables are used for parts of the house such as the hall or the garden, it is important to know what styles and materials to buy them, so you will not face disagreement with the rest of the furniture.

According to its size and shape, it is also recommended to maintain austerity when decorating.

It allows integrating other furniture

Although not all round tables are necessarily spacious, they have the advantage of not having corners. Therefore, it is very easy to acquire furniture that complements and adapts to these spaces.

One of the most popular trends is the addition of wicker armchairs – or any other plant material. It is comfortable, durable and provides the cozy wink that is always being sought in a dining room.

Special for corners

In this aspect, square and round tables share a similar quality: the possibility of installing in corners without any inconvenience, but always respecting certain conditions.

Regarding the round tables, these should respect the measures and the minimum diameter, which should be kept below 120 centimeters. This can fluctuate according to the guests and the available space, but as standard, it is what is recommended.

Finally, another rule that is imposed for round tables and is exempt from straight lines, is the lack of ornaments. While in the latter it is possible to get creative, with the former the austerity of ornaments is everything.

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