Just as there are different styles and designs, there are also different families, and in general, the furniture of a house is chosen thinking about the needs of all the members, responding to canons of space, comfort, and quality.

The dining area becomes the focus frame for many people and is considered other times the most important place in the house, just after the living room.

Breaking with some schemes and maintaining others, these are places in the house where you can install a dining table and chairs for eight.

Dining room

For those who are looking for a room in the house destined exclusively to receive diners every day and night, then there is no doubt: a full-fledged dining room must be built.

If it is a table for eight, it is best to choose the widest place, maybe take advantage of a complete room. The tables, square or round, when made for so many people, tend to be large and take up considerable space.

The advantage of allocating a complete living room to install the dining room is that the decoration can be completely harmonized since it will not be shared with spaces such as the living room, or the kitchen.

The disadvantage of having a dining room for eight waiting to be installed in a room is the dedication to put together a comfortable, bold and cozy space at the same time. Monetarily, it implies a higher expense.

Tip: When installing a dining table for eight people, it is preferable to buy it with straight lines and not circulate. Also, people should make sure to locate it as close to the kitchen and further away from the bathroom.


Here, precisely, the breaks begin with the routine and the conventional. And although it can go against everything that was mentioned before, the terraces are an incredible place to set up a dining room with eight people, especially when they are large balconies full of serenity.

As the interior decoration includes the external parts of the house, the main advice when having this room, is the lighting. Perhaps during the day, with the lights filtering from all sides, a lamp or bulb is dispensable. At night, however, it becomes a necessity.

The most assembled benefit to the tables on the terraces is, as expected, the availability of the spaces. Also, the views and contact with the outside.

The biggest drawback, on the other hand, is vulnerability to climatic changes, especially in unpredictable areas.

Tip: large dining rooms are not for everyone, install them on the terrace, even if it seems a crazy idea, it can work perfectly if accompanied by a canopy or deck.

Living room

This breaks moderately with the canons that are known in interior decoration because although the dining tables are made with a space in the rooms and lounges, they do not always achieve the appropriate effect.

Therefore, when there is no additional space, the tangles to install the dining room of eight in the room result in a predominant option: the round tables.

The advantage of installing tables in the rooms is that creativity can be used to combine it with the rest of the decoration. The disadvantage, on the other hand, is space.

Tip: buy a round table and look for a corner.

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