The table is the center of the dining room and, therefore, one of the most important furniture in the home. Therefore, choosing it correctly is a responsibility that some assume lightly and others are taken more seriously.

Truth be told, it is not necessary to be an expert in cabinetmaking to find a good dining room. However, like any piece of furniture that joins the furniture of a house, it must fulfill a series of characteristics.

For those who are thinking of getting a dining table and chairs for the first time, or consider changing what they have, these tips can make the process easier.

Location in space

In general, this information is related to the number of guests and regular guests; and logically, among more people, amplitude becomes a necessity. However, before thinking about aesthetics, practice indicates that transit areas so that everyone can move around comfortably are also important.

There are no specific measures for all houses, but the rule of decoration indicates that between a chair and walls, furniture or shelves there must be at least a distance of 60 centimeters.

Square or round tables?

As all environments are different, the shape of the tables should be adapted as well as possible to each space. That is why choosing between squares or rounds are also crucial.

From the point of view of space and comfort, the square tables are optimal because they stick to almost all surfaces and corners, are extensible and delimit the number of diners; there are two, four, six, eight and twelve seats.

As for the round ones, their biggest point in favor is that they clear the passage areas; they are ideal for small places and facilitate the flow of communication when there are more than 3 or four people sitting.


Between wood, glass, metal or plexiglass, the decision is left to the customer. However, it must respond to comfort, durability, and quality.

Fortunately, wood meets all three qualities when it comes to dining rooms, although the quality and elegance of the glass, the strength of the metal or the functionality of the plexiglass should not be distorted.

The point of all this is that each dining table seems to be suitable for specific spaces in the house. The wooden ones are perfect inside, as well as the glass ones – and their ability to filter natural light.

With the remaining materials, the exteriors are much more consistent, given their resistance to wear due to changes in time and prolonged use.


There are people who prefer austerity over opulence. And although with the dining tables you can also awaken the creative sense, not all need ornaments too elaborate.

In a strict sense, everything depends on the forms. The square tables have the quality of leaving the space in the empty center, waiting to receive a vase, basket or ornament.

With round and oval tables, ornaments should be chosen with greater selectivity. First, because they offer less space for diners and have more specific measures.

When thinking about decoration for round tables, do not underestimate tablecloths, placemats or cup holders. With a bold choice, amounts can contribute to the personality of the dining room.

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