Comfort, luminosity, charm, warmth, and harmony are some of the aspects in which we think when we want to decorate our home, but the most important thing is to be able to acquire good quality furniture, that completely satisfies our tastes, that are of the desired style and that does not exceed the budget that has been stipulated for that.

Depending on the appearance, color and material of most furniture, the style is defined, that is, in the Nordic Style, natural materials such as light-colored wood such as oak, maple or pine are used on floors, with furniture also of wood painted in shades like white, beige and even in its natural state, a simple style that tries to use natural light throughout.

The Rustic style uses wood, stones, iron, among others, to give a rustic character to the decoration, but it is probably better for a country house than an apartment in the city. The Industrial style has become one of the preferred ones at present since interesting mixtures can be created without disentangling, that is to say, some old object goes well with another futuristic one, the gray colors and copper tones are the main ones, but they are compensated with Big lamps and powerful bulbs.

The Vintage or Retro style, this style encompasses different decades of styles, but more commonly than those used during the 50s, 60s, and 70s, its atmosphere is fun and bright colors stand out. For its part, the Minimalist Style is a style that was born in the early ’90s and simplicity is its main feature, where less, it is more, so there is not a lot of furniture and most are white with stylized lines that create elegant spaces, the Minimalist Style will never be out of trend or out of fashion.

The Classic Style, a refined style that is still popular and that has evolved to adapt to people of all ages, in which wood, noble metals, glass, as well as decorative elements that recall classical sculpture, fabrics are present bright and leather upholstery, like the Classic Minimalist is a style that remains intact over the years.

As for decoration today there are a lot of styles, but regardless of which one you decide for your home, try to take into account some tips, or follow pages on decoration that guide you to create harmonious and warm spaces. Define your style before going out to buy a dining table and chairs and all the furniture, so that you acquire them all in the same style and there is no league of styles that cause a visual shock.

Knowing your style will help you make the right decisions regarding the colors for the walls, know what materials, shapes and colors you should choose for the furniture and whatever style you choose always try to feel comfortable with what you acquire, remember that your home is your sanctuary, your refuge, the place that shelters you from the daily stress of the office, therefore, you should make it a place as cozy and warm as you can.

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