Decorating your dining room is an interesting experience, especially why it involves creating a harmonious and welcoming space for all members of the family. The combinations that are exhibited in the cabinets of the furniture stores inspire to dream and imagine multiple styles, from the conventional to the most modern.

The glass tables fall into the styles most in demand today, these can be combined with any type of chairs and at the same time any accessory.

However, chairs are also part of the novelties when decorating, in many cases, so many styles and varied models prevent a quick and definitive decision. For many years the wooden chairs have been the owners of the dining rooms in the homes.

Within the models are also metal or wrought iron chairs, these are highlighted by creative designs, with figures and decorations in the form of flowers, leaves, lines, semicircles, among others. They also stand out for their durability, as it is extremely difficult to suffer any damage due to their welds.

However, iron chairs have the disadvantage that they are very heavy, although they are very decorative as already mentioned and can be passed on from generation to generation in the family.

Also, there are wicker chairs, these are characterized by being a combination of iron with a plastic fabric or a kind of palm tree, which can be combined with different colors (warm or cold) or also unicolor, in this last case on everything looks in brown tones. There is a variety of fabrics, since many of these chairs are made by hand, and can even be made at the request of the client.

Unlike metal chairs, the wicker chair is lighter than wrought iron chairs or wooden chairs, for this reason, it is more feasible to decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces with wicker chairs.

The glass tables and wicker chairs, in addition to having iron bases, are also found with plastic or wood base. When we find chairs with plastic base, we can see that they are extremely light, and because of this, they are sometimes preferred by the family. Because children need to mobilize these chairs for the development of their daily activities and their lightness allows it.

Currently, wicker chairs are considered a very modern style, which is why you can get them in dining rooms in many homes. The combination of a glass table with wicker chairs is a trend nowadays.

That is why, if you are thinking of decorating or remodeling your house, one recommendation is to use this type of furniture. It is an excellent idea for the outdoors if you have a terrace or a balcony; wicker chairs make an excellent game with open spaces.

When it comes to interiors, the decoration is complemented with rugs that match wicker chairs, being that the glass table reflects the background color of the rugs and gives a unique touch to the dining room set.

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