It’s time to find a perfect extendable glass table to better dress your home. This type of table includes a glass lid and a structure that evokes a clean appearance with lines of expression of great art or minimalist.

The glass is one of the materials that express prestige. By opting for a glass table in the living room or in the dining room, the decorative situation of your home is improved. Indeed, the crystal (either in dark colors) has this magic that seems to enlarge the spaces.

The crystal is the material to choose

Capture the light in the room giving the impression that it is bigger than it really is, the designs of glass tables with a spirit of contemporary design since glass is the material that offers the greatest margin of fantasy to the creators/designers.

Also, discover the sets and combinations of tables and chairs, several styles are presented to allow you to create unique universes in the home. A glass table will fit perfectly in your decoration. As for its maintenance, the glass coffee table is cleaned with a cloth and a glass cleaner.

Modern models of glass tables

Rectangular, round, oval, semicircle or half moon, high or low and of all colors, the models of glass tables are of an almost infinite variety. The supports offer as many possibilities as for their shapes and the materials used (wood, metal, ivory, plastic …) since the glass is coated with a wide variety of materials.

Giving a feeling of grandeur and lightness to the living room, the glass table is certainly not fragile; it is easily harmonized with any type of decoration thanks to its transparency. But, black glass tables are not new in decoration.

Suitable for both contemporary and classic interiors (depending on its design and if combined with other materials), this model can become the centerpiece of the show. Dark glass tables are preferred so as not to overload the decoration while providing a certain style.

Crystal color to choose your table

Discover a wide variety of glass tables of different colors, customizable and of quality. The glass table is timeless, providing elegance and refinement in your kitchen or dining room. The glass works like a mirror of light if it attracts the light with dark glass and sends it back with clear glass.

Transparent glass is interesting because it highlights the foot of the table. The glass table is therefore very aesthetic and practical, rightly so, it is nice to meet and sit around this table, you really need to have this contemporary table at home, if you like a modern interior.

If you prefer to give an elegant look to the decoration with the color of the glass, you can choose a black glass table; It is just as discreet as clear glass, but it gives the impression of being stronger. It is perfect, especially for large spaces. In addition, a black glass coffee table adapts to different styles of decoration, from the most classic to the most contemporary.

Escape through the wide selection of our store, we offer dining tables for all customer preferences. Each product is chosen with care so that you can mold your interior according to your wishes. For guests who prefer modern decor, we suggest you take a look at our glass dining tables.

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