Who has not made important decisions, or spent excellent moments sharing a meal, a coffee or any other drink at a dining table? And is that the dining room tables have been the main witnesses of significant dates, countless laughs, interesting conversations, important decisions, and surely also moments of tears and sorrows of those who sit around them.

Consequently, the dining tables and chairs are furniture of great importance within a house, and in addition to the most used, since breakfast, lunch and dinner are shared every day, which is why you must buy a table and chairs High quality and resistance.

When it is not occupied with diners, the dining tables are still one of the main focuses in the dining room; therefore, it should be placed in a place with good lighting, and try to put a good decoration.

Whether rectangular, square, round or in any other way try to create beautiful decorations, play with symmetry and contrast. Nowadays wooden boxes with flowers are used a lot, you can also place fruit bowls, which, although it is not a new idea if the models are, try to get a different one that you can even do with your own hands that will make you fall in love at first Dress and have your personality fully printed, a plant in an original pot will not only look cute, but it is said that plants improve mood, therefore, it can be a perfect accessory for your table.

The candles fit perfectly in any decoration; you just have to choose a game that favors your decoration. If your table is long enough it will be appropriate to place a table runner. An elegant ceramic tray with dried flowers is a rather original aggregate.

The accessories or centerpieces should combine with the rest of their decoration, be it modern, classic, minimalist, industrial, bohemian, rustic, romantic or any other, in the same way, you should try not to overload the table with many objects as it could cause A bad visual impression.

Regardless of the material that the table is made of, or of the style that I have decided to decorate it, the lighting should go on top of it, and ideally place a beautiful lamp that is part of the decoration.

The colors you choose to place on the walls, lamps, tapestries, and all the decoration is also important, create contrasts that harmonize with each other, since if you make heavy combinations you can create effects contrary to those desired.

Although tables of different materials can now be purchased, wooden dining tables give a greater sense of warmth to your home and combine with most styles. The glass tables occupy less visual space and are more elegant and refined as well as providing more light and are probably easier to decorate, as they will look good with whatever is placed. You can also get tables in other materials such as plastic, acrylic or natural stones among others.

Decorating a dining table doesn’t have to be a headache. If you want a different table just put your personal touch, you can also check a magazine or the many decoration websites that are available on the internet.

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