In a house, some places are particularly attractive for coexistence and, often, the dining table is one of them: even outside meals, we stay to share moments with the family. However, the choice of a glass table is far from obvious, as there are different models.

You will understand that you should not buy a glass dining table or other material like when you buy at the supermarket: it is an option that requires reflection. But the search is worth it, and once you find it, you will enjoy admiring it and using it! Because a dining table is not only an essential piece of furniture but also, and above all, a real place to live.

The criteria of choice

Tables with round glass tops, oval, square, rectangular or other features, such as tall, wide tables or the new extendable tables to have two tables in one.

To find the right table, you need to take a look at our selection of glass dining tables. Once the question of dimensions has been resolved, the question of style can be addressed.

But if you’re looking at a classic, designer or rustic table, the important thing is to buy chairs that combine to create a harmonious overall effect in the room.

The size of the table

If there are few people in the home, a table with a central, compact foot may be sufficient. However, those who have long legs will ensure that this type of model leaves enough room for them to have a comfortable position. In the opposite case, it is better to opt for a glass table with 4 chairs in play.

The height of the table

It is another important purchasing criterion. A table is not an object, it can literally transform a kitchen or a dining room. At the dining tables, everything is a matter of taste, but most buyers choose tables of 70 to 80 cm high on average.

The material of the table

Most glass tables are metal (stainless steel and chrome) or wood; in the latter case, many options are possible. In general, the low-cost tables are made with legs of wood veneer, which means that they are made of support (MDF board, for example) covered with a real wood veneer.

In terms of aesthetics, weight, and strength, the tables with veneered wood do not have a noticeable difference compared to solid wood tables. But these resist much better and for longer, so they are more expensive to buy. Those with a limited budget, therefore, will opt for a veneered model instead.

The presence of extensions

Often, kitchen or dining tables can be extended with extensions, including glass models, this is to increase space available to receive guests, for example, and to save space in the rest of the room.

For all to be harmonious, these glass tables with extensions should, of course, be of the same style as the extra chairs, this system is ideal to save space in small dining rooms, and therefore are very popular when visitors come.

The dining table, more than a piece of furniture

Our team is at your disposal to advise you according to the surface and decoration of your living room: opt for a transparent glass table, matte, aged or bright. The solid oak is still the reference wood for the base. However, our collection also includes metal, plastic, and marble.

In any case, always choose a functional tray adapted to your use and requiring little maintenance. You can also request and specify the origin of the manufacturing, it is important information to make sure you make a durable and satisfactory purchase. We offer tables made by recognized brands.

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