Whether for an elegant dinner in the dining room, a coffee table or as a kitchen table for daily meals: with a glass table is a very special piece of furniture in your living area. Once installed, the eye-catching appeal made of glass as a dining table is a wonderful alternative to the classic wooden table. Because the glass table for the dining room is very diverse in features and design.

A tempered glass table and chairs look elegant, simple and bright. Some glass tables are also extendable and can keep up with the wooden tables in terms of function. In addition, a glass table as a dining table is anything but unstable. With a thick glass top and sturdy legs and frames, each glass table is solidly constructed.

In any case, the tempered glass plate lightens the dining table, which is often overlooked on solid wood tables. The glass of the tables is also available in different versions. Tempered glass of smoke or even black color is very popular as a glass plate for a dining table.

The classics are variants in transparent tempered glass or frosted glass. In addition, the glass insert and the plate can also be dimmed in other colors. The range of styles guarantees that everyone will find a glass table that integrates perfectly with the avant-garde, modern or classic decor.

Glass dining table a stylish piece of furniture

No matter where you install your glass dining table, it impresses with its function and its optics gives you extraordinary details of life. Be inspired by the subtle bright crystal dining table with high-gloss legs or the expressive dining table with transparent tempered glass.

Cozy, spacious and stylish are the attributes in the field of glass tables. Especially popular is the glass table in modern material combinations with real wood. But also a combination of silver metals or high-gloss optics make the glass dining table a high-end table.

Decisive is the design and the context

With a few table accessories, transform the discreet glass table into the exciting centerpiece of the dining room. The environment contributes significantly to well-being and enjoyment at the table. With tablecloths and other table textiles, it also prevents scratches on the glass.

For a pleasant warm-cold relationship, the choice of chairs was crucial. The trend goes anyway to the style and mixture of materials. This can be used around a glass table and relies on contrasts. A great influence on the effect of a glass table also has the decoration of the corresponding room. The glass tables, which are equipped with visible drawers, could also be decorated with value: however, it is important that the decoration fits the person.

Very important for the effect of a glass table are the legs. The thin metal legs make a crystal table float and very modern. It is no coincidence that a composition made of a glass top and wooden legs is a frequently chosen design, the glass tables exert their charming effect, especially in combination with other materials.

We offer glass dining tables in multiple versions. Small or large, round oval or angular, we offer the right glass table for every taste and type of room. We offer many elegant versions of the glass table, many of which are also extendable. By the way, you will also find matching chairs for your table in our store.

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