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5 Very Practical Tips To Choose A Dining Table For Sale London

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After the wood, the glass tables reach a more than acceptable popularity. Its elegance and wide field of vision are features that contribute to the preferences of each client.

However, household decisions seem destined to become a challenge that faces models, colors, figures and, if you are exquisite enough, designer.

The glass eaters do not escape from this situation, even so, and despite the fact that the context becomes a discouraging one, these councils that are presented below aim to untangle the knots of uncertainty.

Pay attention!

Glass thickness

Although glass is valued for its touch of charm, it does not fit into the most resistant furniture materials. An accident, sudden impact or impact can splinter in hundreds of pieces and be completely finished.

Even so, remedying this inconvenience is very easy if at the moment of buying a dining room the characteristics of the glass are evaluated.

For this type of tables, since it is used regularly and by several people at the same time, the most important consideration is the tempered, smooth or opaque glass that, instead of splintering before the minimum shock, reflects the damage from inside.

This type of glass is usually a bit more expensive than ordinary glass, thin and thin. However, it is a sacrifice of a smaller scale when compared with the specific care that must be followed with the latter.

Recessed glass

A very useful idea when choosing a dining room is related to embedded glass. Those whose edges are surrounded by wood or some other protective material.

Although some are skeptical of this idea, the truth is that a dining room with these characteristics does not lose its qualities, but instead becomes an optimal space to add some ornaments and accompany the dining room with chairs from the same wood.

Of course, when it comes to mixing both materials, the dark tone is recommended over light colors. This creates a more harmonious combination and maintains the sobriety and elegance of glass in the internal spaces.

Matching chairs

A dining room is well endowed if accompanied by chords, spacious and comfortable. No matter if it is a table for four, six or twelve seats, the seats should never look like a detail left in the middle of the decoration.

With the glass, the options are pluralized allowing the game of colors and textures. However, for the modern environments that are so much quoted to date, are the chrome chairs that monopolize all the attention.

This is not exclusive. After all, each person maintains a vision that they can share with an expert and specialist. In this way, you can be convinced or dissuaded that your ideas, although charismatic, are decimated by practicality.


Like the robust wooden dining rooms, the glass tables are usually heavy, bulky and, if purchased with inadequate dimensions, will be a problem for the dining room.

In that sense, resistant, lightweight crystals are recommended and, above all, according to the space available to install them.


This last section is exponentially related to the budget of each client. However, a good glass dining room should provide safety, comfort, and elegance at an affordable price.

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