If the world were a tavern, the smart table would be round! Yes, there is no header at the round table, everyone sits together and they are the same, in their own apartment, the round table is practical and is a good place to eat. At least in the circle of loved ones, we realize that we need space, order, and flexibility. It is not in vain that the banquet and the Christmas dinner are traditionally held at a round table.

No space is wasted and there are no useless corners, the perfect table is round for us! With the corresponding extension plate, the glass dining table remains flexible. Spontaneous visit or new guests find space. With a few simple steps, the dining table can be enlarged.

On pleasant nights, you should not feel embarrassed by another place in the round. If we are on the subject of size: as a guide, you should plan around 65-70 cm per person. This measure combines freedom and comfort. We have enough space to enjoy relaxed and at the same time you feel “in the round”. Too much space for seated neighbors can be annoying.

A large dining table makes you feel lost quickly. A good value for the depth of the dining table has proven to be a little less than 40 cm per person. Do not forget the “neutral center”! Approximately 20 cm of space is reserved for pots, sauce pots, and table drinks.

How high should a dining table be?

The standard in terms of height is 75-77 cm. When it comes to the perfect height of a glass dining table, one should also think about the height of the seat of the chairs. If you are looking for a round glass dining table and chairs for four, the result is the following size:

  • Table width: for two people 140 cm.
  • The depth of the table: around 100 cm.
  • The height of the table: suitable for your taste and the respective chairs.

You can build almost any glass dining table with different bases for the legs: concrete, natural stone, metal or plastic, everything is possible. The classic material is still glass with a wooden base or solid wood. Glass meets wood: these two natural but apparently contradictory materials form a beautiful symbiosis in a series of models.

The solid wood combines the warmth of nature with the robustness of a valuable piece of furniture. Above all, waxed or greased wooden bases are easy to maintain and of good character. The wooden elements executed in the highest quality and in solid wood greased by hand in oak and walnut, or in the color you want, glossy or satin. This wooden furniture is brought to the best advantage in these exclusive round glass dining tables.

The glass tables with the solid wood base are robust from Mother Nature. With the necessary care, it has a solid wood table that lasts for many years in good condition. After years of use, the base of the table can be sanded and re-oiled or waxed, as beautiful as the first day.

No matter if your new glass dining table should be round or square, on our web portal you will find many beautiful tables for your kitchen, dining room or living room. We present design and craftsmanship in beautiful perfection, we hope you enjoy exploring our exclusive collection of glass furniture.

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