The dining table is set, the kitchen smells, the guests enter: besides the good company and the excellent dining furniture in this scenario, the main role. Where to eat and enjoy, you want to sit comfortably and comfortably, but also style and taste. They eat together, they laugh, they argue.

Valuable hours with family and friends, in which one gathers around the large glass dining table, (Extendable if necessary) and sits in matching comfortable chairs. The dining room is not only the culinary center of an apartment; it is also often the general meeting place and much more.

Your food area will not be complete until you add the glass dining table with wooden chairs and tasteful fixtures. In addition to the matching chairs, this also includes a set of cabinets in which you can store plates, cutlery, and glasses, this opens up a wide range of design possibilities.

The choice is yours!

Different situations in life require very different furniture solutions. So that your glass dining table not only has the correct format but also other essential features for you, we offer a varied repertoire of base designs, this will help you find the dining room table that best suits your desires and needs.

Extendable glass dining tables with the metal base are ideal for different amounts of daily meals. While convertible furniture is not very common in normal daily life, it usually offers space for two or four other people, the size of the table can be extended if necessary with just a few steps. So you can respond with flexibility to spontaneous meal guests or at a birthday party.

The raised tables offer their users a high degree of flexibility. If you need equipment for a dining table, you can raise the solid base for a good breakfast, a delicious lunch and for any snack you want, you can lower the base of the table and turn it into a coffee table for coffee, a particularly smart solution for small apartments or individual apartments.

Thanks to its elegant glass design, modern bar tables are no longer found only in bars, but now also decorate kitchens and dining rooms; its design is a glass dining table with narrow rectangular wooden chairs. It can also be complemented with a set of stools instead of chairs, place the table directly in front of the window, while enjoying a wonderful view, as in the holidays!

Unlike its four-legged counterparts, pedestal-based glass tables have a stable column-shaped center in many materials (but metal is more common), almost majestic when a generous table is supported by a single foot. The construction does not lose any stability. Disturbing the legs of the table is no longer a problem; therefore, all the guests at the table can stretch their legs comfortably.

To convert this area into a favorite room and the social center of your home is the task of the dining room furniture and, of course, our goal. We have some aces in the sleeve. Discover our wide range of dining furniture and visit us at our nearest branch or in our online store. Our collection will definitely open your appetite for a new dining room!

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