Choosing a dining table is never a simple task, this is because this well-known object, like the sofas, are the nucleus that helps in the decoration of the room in which it is placed; so they become a little strong and pressure choices in some cases. The key is to visualize what you want to transmit, find the necessary elements, and assemble everything in the best way that suits both you and your family. But how can you do that if you do not have any experience? Following a series of recommendations, and retro-feeding inspirations (which abound in the vast space of the Internet) there is a guarantee that you can put together what you crave, and in passing, without spending more.

Taking into account the size and shape of both the dining room and the room itself is an essential step, for example, a table in the square cut is perfect for spaces and small families, but the round gets a greater interaction between the guests that are They are distributed there. Another option to emphasize would be the famous extendable tables, in which you can play with the available space depending on how much you need it. The essential thing is to think about the comfort of all involved, and the most convenient for this is that there is a space of about 60 cm between each person, but in the case of the rounded can be reduced a little, there are no exact measurements since the sizes and the forms that this object can acquire are almost infinite, but taking into account these small details can cause a significant difference in the comfort of the end.

You also have to think about the space in which the trays were placed, and the food itself, here the minimum space has been estimated to be about 25 cm. And in the same way, the space that must be between the table and the outside of this, that is to say, the walls or the furniture that is in its surroundings, it is said that about 90 cm is more than enough to achieve this task successfully. , this is the best alternative for the whole place to be fluid in every way.

The material used by the table is an arduous choice, but it is worth it when you think about both the basic needs and the style you want to carry out. It is known worldwide that wood is the traditional element par excellence, but new designs have also appeared over the years that allow different touches to the room. One that is increasingly in demand in the market is glass, this can be combined with metal or any type of style, in addition to its transparency effect can give the house a lighter appearance, while generating more illumination, and therefore, widens the place.

The glass dining tables with white chairs can be your best option if you have a small space, so, stop to think that what you really want and take it out with no worries, in the end, only you own your own space, do not get carried away by what they say, and do what you like the most.

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