Do not find your happiness despite all the models of tables in the market? Well, look beyond the catalog pages of standard dining tables and check ours, we assure you that there is a glass table that you like. For example, an alternative to common tables is the choice of nesting tables.

This is a series of small tables that intertwine one below the other, was very fashionable and today returns in different sizes and crystal in its entirety. Not bad, especially for small spaces where you only need a glass dining table and two chairs, because we can put them together or scatter them easily according to the number of people around us. They often combine with each other.

Think of the material

The glass is perfect to lighten a space; the table is discreet (because it is transparent). It also gives a small and elegant side, especially if it is associated with metal. On the other hand, it has a small cold side, heated by the rest of the atmosphere, materials, and colors.

Glass table with base in laminated wood, metal, plastic … The possibilities are many and it is especially your tastes that tip the scales. There are still some small details you should know to help you decide:

The glass table with wood base is very good for small square tables of two chairs, which provides immediate heat and authenticity to a room. This is the simplest material to harmonize, it combines with all styles: Scandinavian, Bohemian, rural, rustic, industrial, vintage, and contemporary.

The metal base is cooler and is often associated very well with glass, but on long rectangular tables with 6 to 8 chairs. By its color, the decoration will have a quite industrial connotation, or a more elegant and transparent spirit (especially with gold and brass).

Laminate is the main material of most furniture sold in the trade, so it is quite common as a base for glass tops. In short, it is actually wooden particles covered with a layer of plastic, which can be white, colored, printed “wood effect” … Therefore, it is less elegant, but also cheaper, and is especially super resistant and easy to maintain.

The stone bases on a glass table are enough to give character to a room. Be careful though with the cold side that the stone brings, perfect to bring chic with marble, or an industrial side with concrete.

Your space capacity

A dining table is used primarily for family seating, but can also serve as a table for couples, especially if they are small and square. So, of course, it is useful to have a glass dining table with room for two chairs. Not only because their table can be solid means they are better, but the small square tables are also very intimate for meals in small rooms.

So choose a small model for you and your partner, usually in our glass tables a bit of rustic wood is even part of its charm, or one of our tables with double tray to deposit some magazines, or use a nice round table of two chairs for the center of the room as a table for coffee.

But keep in mind that this type of table, a coffee table, is the center of attention in your living room: all eyes are focused on your direction when you sit down, so you will always have the best designs with us.

Wow look at this!

This is an optional, highly
customizable off canvas area.

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