There are those who in their efforts to overcome the ordinary, stick to the less conventional and mark, in their own way, a guideline within society. That happens with any sector: fashion, makeup, technology and, although with a more intermittent frequency, the furniture industry.

However, at this point, it is worth appreciating all the trends that were once and that came to like. The neons of the 1950s or the art deco, ten years later, were a revolution that worked, despite having broken paradigms as to what was known to date.

Thus, little by little, matte upholstery replaced the antiquated sofa designs of the 80s and 90s, and with that, a current of decoration was created that is more attached to the taste of the millennials and, consequently, is in tune with everything that the new century meant and continues to represent today.

All this decorative line includes sofas and paintings to lamps and appliances. Of course, if it is something total, the dining tables cannot be relegated, especially with the abundant market and the number of models and materials that nowadays assemble them.

Glass, in that sense, had never been as popular as before. It is true, there was some time when it began to be used, but the wood had always predominated and, because of the price, Plexiglas. Now it is much more admissible to see them in any corner, with different finishes, designs, and colors.

The question of colors, however, is one of the most conflicting. Monochrome is the trend and, even with wood, that is a little-broken rule. Despite this, it cannot be denied that certain styles are very well placed if they can be combined. For example a glass dining room with purple chairs.

Contrary to what many believe, glass does not tint with all colors, nor does it combine with a very extensive variety of materials. Therefore, if you want to add space with such vivid colors, it is best to get a good wooden base for the glass.

By having this element, the chairs may be constituted of it and, therefore, the upholstery in purple color will not be a blunder. The color of the base will also depend on how well the upholstery looks. In this sense, both light and dark wood make harmony.

The glass is another factor that should be taken into account when adding colored chairs. For a hue as vivid as purple, it is best to have a pristine glass, without opacities or iridescent. The more colorless, the better; almost like an unspoken rules that, although nobody says it out loud, is there to be respected.

The ornaments are also another topic of conversation that arises when vivid colors are involved in the decoration. Just as dark shades are ideal for glass tables in monochrome, adding more fun elements is possible if you have an extension of materials.

In that sense, small vases with sunflowers or daffodils or some other element that contrasts with the purple of the chairs, not only will be an appropriate option but will fill personality in the area in which it is located.

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