When visiting a specialized home furniture store, either physically or online, you cannot deny the range of glass tables and chairs that are available. This may be a bit overwhelming because there are many options to choose from. However, this has to be somewhat complicated, because there are a number of characteristics that, upon knowing them, will greatly facilitate the election process. In this sense, in the content of the following post, these characteristics will be described Which surely will be of great help when it comes time to choose the centerpiece that will occupy such an important place in the home.

Characteristics of the table and chairs

Before entering a store, it is necessary for people to keep in mind the characteristics that will be described below. In this way, they can use them as tools to make the selection and purchase of the game of eating easier and faster among the range of glass tables and chairs so large that they will be found in the market.


The first consideration that must be taken into account before buying a table or any type of furniture is space. This is because space is what determines the proper size of the dining room set among the range of glass tables and chairs that you have to choose from. In this way, it would be absurd to buy a 6-seater table when there really is a maximum place for only four, otherwise, everything would be super tight and uncomfortable.

However, for those cases where the dimensions of the place are very small and the family is large, today there are a variety of options that go very well. These are the extensible tables, which can be opened and picked manually or through a click mechanism. With this, a table of apparently 4 posts, can be extended to one of 6 and even more.


This characteristic, apart from depending on the personal tastes of the buyers, is also closely linked to the spatial arrangements, since it would not be appropriate to have a round table if space is rather elongated and narrow. In this sense, the most advisable is a square or a rectangular table, and if you want to maintain shape with curves, maybe you can try an oval shape.

Type of glass

Currently, the glass for tables and chairs is made with techniques that provide more value of resistance and safety. For this reason, when they go to buy the best is to ensure that these are tempered or laminated. The first is a process in which a glass sheet of about 8 or 22 mm thick is obtained, which makes it quite strong and difficult to fracture; while the second as its name indicates, refers to a technique in which two thin sheets of glass are attached to a sheet of adherent polyvinyl plastic, so that if a break occurs, the pieces of glass will remain in the plastic . Both are very safe and suitable for homes where there are children, you just have to be careful not to recharge them in weight.

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