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Your dining room is one of the most important spaces of your home, small, large, simple or decorated is the heart of our house; it is the place where the most special meals and meetings are given. Of course, the activity par excellence in dining tables is eating, but it is not limited to it, which has not passed the table with family games, working, studying, devoting to projects of all kinds, which It makes the dining table and its chairs completely indispensable in our home.

Because the dining room is a symbolic space inside each house, the decoration is fundamental, families traditionally wore floral arrangements, scented candles, candlesticks, ornaments, cutlery, tablecloths, linings for chairs, in short, everything to achieve a cheerful and striking atmosphere. Since it is such an emblematic space within each home, it cannot be decorated lightly, traditionally the families looked the best way possible with the chandeliers, ornaments, chairs, and cutlery to have the most luxurious and striking dining room. Currently, there are more modern accessories, much newer and changing accessories to achieve a modern dining room decoration, the important thing is to give our personal touch that makes it unique and unforgettable, as well as comfortable.

Traditional eateries, the most traditional way to decorate a dining room is to add a lamp, a few dishes and glasses, to decorate a dining room traditionally includes a chandelier or good size lamp, some decoration in the middle of the table and (optional) ) the display of the cutlery, plates, and glasses lately it is very common to find combinations of mixed styles classic with rustic, classic with modern, among others, retro styles are also observed with elegant armchairs of the 50 in the most crowded dining rooms.

A dining room can be accompanied or combined with accessories such as mirrors or cupboards to place crockery, cutlery, glasses, and glasses when they are not in use, it is ideal that the center of attention is not just the furniture, the walls import the colors and styles around, try that everything is complemented to create a harmonious environment.

As for the modern dining rooms, these have fewer decorations, but they have geometric figures and bright colors, which results in practicality and simplicity. If you like this style, you can experiment with the color to get the attention given that it will be striking and different from the other eaters of your friends and neighbors. Choose the current furniture; you can combine your dining room with modern chairs and benches.

There is no reason to limit yourself to classic armchairs, you can use a combination with the dining room chairs and place it on the side creating an asymmetrical, modern and useful style if there is someone else at the table or someone who needs to be more comfortable for some reason.

Another excellent option is to leave the table empty, very good to show off and divert the look of the decoration towards the same table, lamp, chairs, and benches. The mirrors and cupboard or ceibo will also shine. The most important thing is that the elements as a whole we like them and that they combine with each other integrating in a pleasant way creating a space ready to enjoy with friends, neighbors, and family in the day to day and special occasions.

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